Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Peng Liao

Abstract: Chinese concept of landscape design originates from Chinese traditional culture, which is based on the basic framework integrating...

Authors: Jing Long Bi, Rong He

Abstract: Urban renaissance is a common problem that the whole world city is confronted by the globalization background. Through urban renaissance, we...

Authors: Chao Chao Chu

Abstract: Starting from reviewing the transformation and development of urban religious place, this paper analyzes the situations and existing...

Authors: Yang Rui, Lin Xi Jiao

Abstract: This article based on the introduction of low-carbon concept and reflection on the traditional urban planning program, pointed out that...

Authors: Han Xiao Heng, Yu Huan Yang

Abstract: To keep urban memories and unique characters in fast urbanization became an urgent task for China’s urban designer in nowadays. Based on...

Authors: Ming Hui Ye, Xiang Wu Meng, Han Zhang

Abstract: City square, as a major public urban space. By a sense of spiritual civilization, it should be a window of the city and essential building...

Authors: Zheng Qiao, Tao Wang

Abstract: The inherited of traditional city’s history context is very important topic in today’s architecture design. Speed unprecedented gives the...

Authors: Gang Chen, Fu Jia Liu

Abstract: As a city's essence, the urban public space is a space for the growth of vigorous activity. In reality, it has lost, and the concern of it...

Authors: Wen Hu, Yun Xi Xu

Abstract: Impacted by advent of the post-industrial period, the traditional industrial towns have witnessed profound changes in its current economic...

Authors: Tian Hu, Ya Rui Wu

Abstract: The Chinese traditional architectural symbols are on behalf of Chinese outstanding traditional culture and inheritance of value.Chinese...


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