Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Chen, Li Hong Ni, Xiao Ling Dai

Abstract: In the history, water towns in the southeast of China had undergone a traffic mode change from waterborne traffic to road traffic. This...

Authors: Wei Mo, Mei Leng

Abstract: By researching the process of Changchun parks’ construction and history development during each stage of modern times, the article expounds...

Authors: Xiao Long Li, Wu Kui Zheng, Peng Wei, Yang Li

Abstract: This paper mainly discussed the relation between human behave and space configuration, in order to analysis and optimize the space of urban...

Authors: Xi Ya Tang

Abstract: This paper use the design of Suzhou Museum as a example,study the cultural value of modern architecture "suzhou museum" and discuss several...

Authors: Feng Kang

Abstract: The settlement pattern of a village is selected and formulated as result of interaction between the natural environment and humanistic...

Authors: Hua Zhang, Xiao Shan Fang, Xu Wei He

Abstract: Zhongshan is a famous hometown to many overseas Chinese. Overseas Chinese from Zhongshan living abroad are concerned about the urban...

Authors: Tao Wang, Fu Rong Wang, Rui Zhang, Fei Nie

Abstract: The city’s history context inherited is very important topic in today’s city plan and design. National and local features, following the...

Authors: Wei Wang, Liang Dong, Xiao Jun Wang, Pu Hou

Abstract: The campus should be a spiritual place, which is full of cultural significance. Adhered to the search of campus spirit, used for reference...

Authors: Ling Cai, Yi Deng, Xing Jiang

Abstract: The Dong rural settlement is an important carrier and manifestation of the national culture. Rapid urbanization has changed the basis for...

Authors: Jun Long Peng, Da Wang

Abstract: Traffic safety dynamic trend pre-warning could effectively strengthenmonitoring strength of traffic management department, reduce the number...


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