Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lei Wu, Ming Li, Min He

Abstract: Regard the mechanics model of key rock stratum in overlying strata as the single-span beam with semi-infinite length elastic foundation...

Authors: Yue Guo Shen, Xiao Qi Li, Nei Juan Du, Zhong Feng Shi

Abstract: Analyzing mechanism and conditions that cause seepage failure during deep foundation pit dewatering, some measures of controlling seepage...

Authors: Wei Tian, Hui Min Li, Rui Qi Yan, Yun Xiang Hu

Abstract: 16 items of assessment indexes are selected to build up the safety risk assessment index system of special maintenance project according to...

Authors: Zhang Jun Liu, Ya Kong

Abstract: In the present paper, the fuzzy probability method is applied to assess the risk of international engineering project. Firstly, According to...

Authors: Yun Xiu Sai, Jian Guo Cai, Hui Ming Li, Wei Ran Wang

Abstract: Based on statistical yearbook data in Nanchang city, this paper applies a calculation mode of ecological footprint to conduct calculation...

Authors: Ying Huang, Hui Min Li, Bo Yang

Abstract: In our country, Subjects of fire risk management are the public security fire department, the insurance company and the owner. This thesis...

Authors: Qiang Li, Hui Min Li

Abstract: After statistical data of Registered Constructor Examination in 2009 have been gathered, the detailed analysis of examination was carried...

Authors: Bo Yang, Hui Min Li, Ying Huang, Xiao Tan

Abstract: Although the Chinese constructor system has already begun to receive efforts, there are still some shortcomings and questions existing in...

Authors: Yang Han, Jun Feng Duan, Yan Yan Qin

Abstract: The mechanical properties of rubber gasketed joints in segmented pipeline are studied in this paper. The analytical results show that the...

Authors: Hua Zhang, David Hong Wu, Wei Ju Yang

Abstract: The research analyzed Pangzhuang mining site as case study and studied the current situation of the site from varies aspects, such as land...


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