Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yao Li Lei, Yi Liu

Abstract: In this paper, we aim at the conservation planning of Zhenbeitai. The fundamental feature of this planning is the idea of integrated...

Authors: Yan Hua Wan, Fan Wu, Pei Juan Zhu

Abstract: As one of the constituent elements of a city's character, building color has become a global concern. Munsell color system is a commonly...

Authors: Feng Wu, Jian Yang, Zhong Yuan Cai

Abstract: Carrying on the context is an important method of Architecture design. By analyzing the Huangcheng xiangfu castle (special cultural...

Authors: Tian Jie Zhang, Su Bin Xu, Yuan Sun

Abstract: This paper takes Tianjin Quanye Expo Site as a specific case, and intends to explore it as an active culture-bearing mechanism in the...

Authors: Wei Sun, Yong Li, Di Lu, Xiao Guo Zhao, Ying Yu

Abstract: The surge protective device (SPD), as buildings over-voltage protective device, has been widely used in building’s power distribution...

Authors: Yi Zhong Zhang, Zhao Ru Guo

Abstract: Houses with long history can’t be passed down from generation to generation. The impression of celebrities’houses stems from the analysis of...

Authors: Qiu Wei Wang, Qing Xuan Shi, Liu Jiu Tang

Abstract: The interstory drift of frame structures is caused by beams, columns and joints. The calculation formula of storey yield drift for...

Authors: Zong Gang Liu, Bo Liu, Ting Duan

Abstract: Historical and cultural cities that abound with historic heritage are promoting urban renewal through cultural inheritance. The Daming Place...

Authors: Di Wang

Abstract: In design process, visual representation bridges creative thoughts, communication flow and personality style, as well as accomplishes the...

Authors: Dong Fei Yu

Abstract: In cultural heritage protection, great ruins has an important position.The paper discusses the necessary connection between the development...


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