Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ting Duan, Guang Zhao Yang, Zong Gang Liu

Abstract: In the context of an unprecedented wave of urban construction at the end of twentieth century, architects in China started to try their...

Authors: Ying Pan, Ding Feng Tang, Zi Ming Li

Abstract: Excellent modern architectures will be brought into Chinese architectural heritage protection system in the form of law. Their intrinsic...

Authors: Ming Ma, Hui Hui Zhang

Abstract: The dwellings of Beizhu in Jiaozuo station is the ancient dwellings of Ming and Qing dynasties. In this paper, the authors research the open...

Authors: Jun Dong, Guang Tian Zou

Abstract: During urban design activity, it is necessary to emphasize the stage of Urban Design Scheming as a important link and find a reliable...

Authors: Rui Nie, Jian Zeng, Xiu Ping Zhao

Abstract: Strengthening urban resilience is one of the main goals of urban mitigation. This document explains the concept of urban mitigation and...

Authors: Ping Su

Abstract: Urban renewal is not only the physical form update, but also its internal economic and social factors update. Under the market economic...

Authors: Jie Xu, Qi Tie Xie, Yu Shun Li

Abstract: Since the Eleventh Five Year Plan has been implemented, Government has tried hard to reduce energy consumption, promote energy-saving of...

Authors: Guo Xin Zhang, Yan Wei

Abstract: This paper explores the basic ideas of the ecological construction of the international city of Xi'an. There are mainly three fundamental...

Authors: Ping Yao, Li Yuan

Abstract: The Zhaohua is an ancient city on the Chinese Sichuan Road with more than 2000 years glorious history, and still preserve completely city...

Authors: Yan Wang

Abstract: Cognitive map is one of the most important ways to study city image. Take the Xi’an city as example, by Cognitive map investigation and...


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