Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Cheng Zhang, Kai Luo, Wen Bin Liao

Abstract: Fujian Earth Building is one of typical Chinese traditional houses famous for unique architectural style and construction techniques. They...

Authors: Ming Ma, Hui Hui Zhang

Abstract: The dwellings of Beizhu in Jiaozuo station is the ancient dwellings of Ming and Qing dynasties. In this paper, the authors research the...

Authors: Yan Hui Song, Ying Wang

Abstract: Developmental degree of the rock-mass joint is often obtained through the exploratory adit in water-power engineering and it is the vital...

Authors: Chao Zhou

Abstract: According to regional seismic activity in Xianyang downtown development and construction trends and needs,use of relevant indicators, to...

Authors: Hai Yan Yan, Liu Yang, Yun Gang An, Fang Xia, Dan Meng

Abstract: Based on the field study on Huangjiagou village which is the typical settlement in the southern of Shanxi province, China, the general...

Authors: Gang Chen, Jian Lin

Abstract: This paper takes the exterior spaces of the PRH community as the research object, and based on the humanistic comfortableness of the...

Authors: Wei Wei, Rui Qin Li

Abstract: Along with the science and technology progress and widely used to deal with the challenges facing the city development,"Smart City" came...

Authors: Zhang Rui, Qiao Zheng

Abstract: This article analyzes the causes of "longevity building" and "ephemeral building" in architectural design practice. From the perspective of...

Authors: Ze Xin Li, Min Chen

Abstract: Underdeveloped rural areas have good but very vulnerable ecological environment, so the environment protection should be given priority in...

Authors: Hui Song

Abstract: Kashi is a history city with special natural, geographical and human characteristics. Based on its region features of long sun time, rare...


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