Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Wei Liu, Wei Feng

Abstract: This paper draws upon passive cooling and passive solar techniques to integrate them into a common multi-purpose building in South China so...

Authors: Ying Cao, Jin Peng Yang

Abstract: Taking the spatial pattern and the environmental elements as the starting point for the study of the ecological design of high-rise office...

Authors: Jun Dong, Lin Qi

Abstract: Activity support is one of eight elements which Hamid Shirvani has generalized. It is also the element which is the most direct with the...

Authors: Xiao Ling Dai, Hua Li Zhang

Abstract: Due to the advance of computer science, we now have more powerful tools to digitize and analyze the complex system of urban form, which was...

Authors: Tao Zhang, Jia Ping Liu, Qi Wei Zhang

Abstract: Louver is usually used as a sun-shading member in buildings. Nevertheless, the usage of traditional louver sun-breaker is merely limited to...

Authors: Hu Zhu Zhang, Hui Min Li

Abstract: In order to deal with the problem of flood disaster, water balance system damage and eco-environment deterioration for cities with...

Authors: Yun Fa Wu, Fang Li

Abstract: In the field of intelligent building, managing energy consumption effectively in various types of construction equipment, improving energy...

Authors: Yao Zhi Huang, Qing Yu Li, Yin Bo Zhou

Abstract: Water network play an important role in the natural and human environment, green network is basis for achieving ecology; town is main focus...

Authors: Xu Dong Zeng, Fang Ai Huang

Abstract: Based on the climate of Chongqing area, this study simulated and analyzed different simplified building external shading methods via energy...

Authors: Yi He, Ming Chen, Xi Wang

Abstract: Glass is remarkable material and its functionality is significantly enhanced when it is processed or altered to provide added intrinsic...


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