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Authors: Mu Yi He, Li Quan Sun, Ai Qin Luo
Abstract: The interactions of the electron donors kryptofix (K-222) with 7,7,8,8-Tetracyanoquino- dimethane (TCNQ) were studied spectrophotometrically in aceton/water at several temperatures. The UV-vis spectra of the formed molecular charge transfer (CT) complexes were recorded. The molecular structures of the CT-complexes were independent of the position of the amino group on the K-222 and were formulated as [(K-222)(TCNQ)]. A spectrophotometric method for determination of K-222 was developed and validated for the quantitative analysis of K-222 in the radiopharmaceuticals. With an internal standard, the limit of quantitation for K-222 was 2 ug/ml. This is so far the most facile method for the determination of K-222. Excellent linearity (RSQ = 0.9997) was obtained over the range of 2.0–31 ug/ml. Good precision and accuracy were also observed. The method is amenable to the validation of radiosynthetic methods.
Authors: Lin Zhuan Ma, Qiong Fang Cui, Jun Ming Guo, Ying Jie Zhang
Abstract: Phosphogypsum is the gypsum as a byproduct of the processing of phosphate ore into fertilizer with sulfuric acid. It’s main components is CaSO4. Circulating fluidized bed(CFB) is the best reactor. In this paper the characteristics of phosphogypsum decomposition were analyzed via CFB reaction in cold test. And applied quantity of wind and bed material influenced bed pressure and the quantity of solides and solids concentration.
Authors: Rong Zheng, Wei Bin Hu, Xiao Hong Yang
Abstract: Objective: To analyse chemical constituents of the volatiles flowers of Fraxinax sieboldiana. Method: The volatiles of bungei were extracted through Headspace solid-phase microextracti, and then the constituents were separated by GC and identified by MS. Result and Conclusion: 22 Compounds were identified. The principal chemical constituents of the volatiles flowers of Fraxinax sieboldiana are Ocimene(44.783%)、α-Tolualdehyde(13.286%)、Linalool(8.816%)、Phenylethyl Alcohol(4.624%)、Benzaldehyde(3.929%)、Cinnamene(3.840%)、α-cis-Ocimene(3.024%)、Farnesene(2.118%)、β-Pyronene(1.673%)、3-Phenylhexane(1.866%)、1,3,8-p-Menthatriene (1.539%)、Formanilide(1.409%) etc,respectively.
Authors: Wen Na He, Lai Jun Lu, Yong Zhi Wang, Yu Lin Lu, Yong Jie Tan
Abstract: To better understand the distributed characteristics of key minerals of China, a systematic analysis regarding the mining rights and prospecting rights for coal, iron, copper, aluminum, and other key minerals was done all over the country. The characteristics of the national mining rights of key minerals shows as followings: too much underground mining rights, less prospecting rights, the scale of mining rights is relative small and the geological distribution is unbalance. The analysis result can provide an important reference to mining rights management and mineral resource deployment.
Authors: Long Fei Yan, Min Xiao, Shi Hong Zhang
Abstract: Because exhaust gas of the natural gas catalytic combustion is clean and sterile, the exhaust gas can be used in aseptic boxes, high-temperature exhaust gas pre-sterilization of the aseptic box, the continuous low temperature flue gas pass into the sterile containers, aseptic containers in during use to maintain a clean and sterile, and has greatly improved the device and working environment of the sterile boxes.
Authors: Bai Lin Liu, Wen Chen, Lei Li, Qin Ren Xiong
Abstract: To improve the performance data management efficiency of welded pipe used in the 2nd west to east gas pipeline, a distributed performance data acquiring and management system for welded pipe was developed. The system was established by using two-level three-tier Client/Server model. Performance data for welded pipe from different factories was acquired at clients and input to local database. The data then can be analyzed at local, or be transferred to the server through networks for unified storage and analysis. The System has functions as data management, file transferring, standard technology condition management, statistical analysis, figure displaying and statistical analysis report generation, etc. The system was implemented using VC++. Oracle and Access is adopted as database for server and client respectively, XML is as the data encapsulation for transferring file. The developed system plays a significant role in analyzing and evaluating the whole quality of welded pipe, and is useful for pipeline quality control.
Authors: Jun Chen, An Lin Li, Yong Chen, Xin Teng Liang, Jian Hua Zeng
Abstract: To solve the problems appeared in the initial operation period of 200t BOF such as low heating velocity, high TFe content in final slag, severe lining erosion, etc, optimization of steelmaking process is carried out. Metallurgical effects are greatly improved after optimization: slag-forming time is shortened by 0.9min; oxygen consumption is lowered by 1.5 m3 per ton steel; carbon content of aimed molten iron is increased by 0.031% while oxygen activity of which is decreased by 206ppm. TFe content of BOF slag is reduced by 0.84% on average.
Authors: Bing Li, Zhi Qiang Wu, Ling Yan Dong, Lin Li
Abstract: The extraction of soybean isoflavones from the soy sauce residue which is the byproduct of soy sauce process is of great significance to improve the utilization of the soy sauce residue. Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane with molecular weight cutoff of 20 kDa was used to purify the extraction of isoflavones. The effects of ultrafiltration pressure, ultrafiltration temperature, feeding velocity, feed concentration and the feed pH on the membrane flux and rejection were analyzed. And then the membrane was cleaned. After purifying the crude soybean isoflavones from the soy sauce reside, the content of isoflavones in the freeze-dried powder was up to 6.27%.
Authors: Guo Ren Zu, Ming Chen, Chun Zhi Zhang
Abstract: For the production of oligosaccharides from chitosan, chitosanase-producing strains were screened from local marine mud by clear zone formed on the chitosanase-detection agar (CDA) plate. More than 20 kinds of strains with clear zones on the CDA plates were obtained, including bacteria, actinomyces, and fungi. Among them a marine fungal strain N-8 was screened and chosen because of its prominent chitosanase activity. On the basis of the morphological characteristics and sequence analysis of 26S rDNA of strain N-8, the marine fungal strain N-8 was identified as the species Aspergillus flavus strain.
Authors: Xue Jing Liu, Shi Chang Xu, Cheng Cheng Qiang, Baoan Li
Abstract: A membrane-aerated bioreactor (MABR) has the technical feasibility of water treatment. This paper systematically studies the main operating conditions impact on the MABR process of dealing with wastewater to determine the optimum operating conditions, and made the possible implementation of the technology program. The results lay a good foundation for further research and development of MABR treatment process and technology.

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