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Authors: A.K. Go, J.K. Kim, Se Heang Oh, Soon Hong Yuk, Jin Ho Lee
Abstract:This study was designed to evaluate the effect of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (ibuprofen) on the...
Authors: Jian Lu, Xiao Yan Lin, Bo Jiang, Xu Dong Li, Ji Yong Chen, Xing Dong Zhang
Abstract:A kind of medical collagen was prepared by hydrogel formation method. Chemical and physical properties were investigated by FTIR, amino acid...
Authors: Y.S. Dong, C. Guo, Ping Hua Lin, L.H. Yin, Yong Ping Pu
Abstract:The poly (L-lactic acid) (PLLA) porous scaffolds were prepared by porogen leaching combined freeze drying with the porogen particulates of...
Authors: Yosuke Hiraoka, Ueda Hiroki, Yu Kimura, Yasuhiko Tabata
Abstract:This study describes an investigation of collagen sponge mechanically reinforced through the incorporation of poly(glycolic acid)(PGA)...
Authors: Fengfu Li, David J. Carlsson, Chris Lohmann, Donna Bueckert, Rejean Munger, May Griffith
Authors: Yong Jian Wang, Yao Ting Yu
Abstract:Phenylalanine linked to cellulose beads was designed as an adsorbent in whole blood hemoperfusion for the therapy of rheumatoid arthritis. In...
Authors: Zi Yi Wan, Ting Fei Xi, P. Zhao, Cheng Xiang Fan, Y. Sun, Z.G. Feng
Abstract:Polyacrylamide (PAM) was usually atoxic, stable. Its hydrogel (PAMG) has been used in plastic and aesthetic surgery more than 10 years in...
Authors: G.H. Yang, J. Yang, Jian Mei Wang, Lei Cui, Wei Liu, Yi Lin Cao
Abstract:Chitin/Chitosan membrane has been used as wound dressing materials to facilitate clinical wound healing for many years. However, there are...
Authors: Zi Yi Wan, Ting Fei Xi, P. Zhao, Y. Sun, Z.G. Feng
Abstract:The polyacrylamide hydrogel (PAMG) has been used in cosmetology in China, Ukraine and Russia since 1990s. Because the monomer acrylamide(AM)...
Authors: Kazuo Isama, Toshie Tsuchiya
Abstract:The effects of the γ-irradiatted PLLA on the osteoblasts and apatite formation were investigated in vitro. The PLLA sheet was γ-ray...
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