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Authors: K.S. Jee, Joon Woo Bae, Ki Dong Park, Yong Hwan Kim, Jung Woog Shin, Jin Woo Lee
Authors: Dong Mei Cui, Song Wang, Cheng Jian Xia, He Sun Zhu
Abstract:Tetramethylpyrazine(TMPZ) is an active ingredient of a Chinese herbal medicine Chuanxiong (Liqusticum wallichii Franchat). In order to...
Authors: Xilan Ma, Jing Hua Li, Chuan Bao Cao, He Sun Zhu
Abstract:A novel prosthesis using silk fibroin with blending heparin and sulfonated silk fibroin was studied. Anticoagulation activities of...
Authors: Jian Ping Xu, Jian Ji, Wei-Dong Chen, Jia Cong Shen
Abstract:A commercial available amphiphilic polymer, Cholesterol terminated PEO (Chol-PEO), was used as novel biomimetic drug delivery system. The...
Authors: Yu Jiang Fan, Guo Ping Chen, M. Tanaka, Tetsuya Tateishi
Abstract:Polyamides containing amino acid residues were synthesized through a chemoenzymatic route. At first, monomers containing amino acid esters at...
Authors: Qiao Ling Hu, Bao Qiang Li, Zhong Ming Zhang, Jia Cong Shen
Abstract:Inspired by the annual ring structure of wood, a cylindrical semi-permeable chitosan gel membrane was chosen as a template to separate...
Authors: Herong Ye, Dongzhi Yang, Ping Hu, Feng Bo Zhang, Qinglei Qi
Abstract:This paper focuses on an effective way to improve the thermostability of poly-β-hydroxybutyrate (PHB). Maleic anhydride (MA) is grafted onto...
Authors: Sung Ho Park, Yon Sang Cho, I.Y. Jung, Kwon Yong Lee, S.B. Jeon
Abstract:The purpose of present study was to evaluate the influence of different base materials on the marginal integrity of posterior direct...
Authors: Yi Ping Shi, Don Fang Yin, Ping Hu, Yi Fei Huang, Lin Liu
Abstract:Orbital implant, used for filling the space after enucleation, played an important role in the optical orthopedic operations. However, the...
Authors: Chan Wai Chan, H.Y. Yeung, K.M. Lee, Y.M. Chiu, X. Guo, P. Chow, Yasuhiko Tabata, Jack C.Y. Cheng
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