Advanced Biomaterials VI

Volumes 288-289

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Li, Jin Wang, W.C. Lu, H. Sun, Nan Huang

Abstract: Biomedical PET films were modified by the approach of chitosan-surface-grafting. Attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared...

Authors: Ping Yang, Guo Jiang Wan, X. Xie, Y.X. Leng, Hong Fang Zhou, Paul K. Chu, Nan Huang
Authors: Chang Jiang Pan, Jin Wang, H. Sun, Nan Huang

Abstract: In this paper, polyethylene glycol (PEG) of various different molecular weights was grafted onto PET films using plasma surface grafting...

Authors: Yuehuei H. An, Melissa Farino, Qian K. Kang, Marina V. Demcheva, John Vournakis

Abstract: It is known that glucosamine/chitosan derivatives have the ability of inhibiting bacterial adhesion to tooth and biomaterial surfaces. The...

Authors: G. Mayer, N. Blanchemain, C. Dupas-Bruzek, M. Traisnel, D. Derozier, L.D. Laude, H.F. Hildebrand

Abstract: LASER Excimer irradiation can modify surface properties for biocompatibility improvement of a medical device. The PETs from 3 different...

Authors: Qi Bin Liu, Long Jiang Zou, Min Zheng, Chuang Dong

Abstract: In the present paper, bioceramic coating with gradient compositional design was prepared on surface of Ti alloy by using wide-band laser...

Authors: Y. Cao, Bo Zhang, Li Ping Wang, Qiang Lin, Xu Dong Li, C.Y. Bao, Ji Yong Chen, Bang Cheng Yang, L. Yang, Xing Dong Zhang

Abstract: Plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coating on metal substrate was prepared. Two kind of post-treatment methods were been applied to the coating,...

Authors: Xuan Yong Liu, Chuan Xian Ding, Paul K. Chu

Abstract: In-vitro evaluation of plasma sprayed wollastonite and dicalcium silicate coatings was carried out by SBF soaking test and osteoblasts...

Authors: Yao Wu, Ji Yong Chen, Yu Mei Xiao, Bang Cheng Yang, Xing Dong Zhang

Abstract: It is very necessary to develop a real biomimetic compound coating of CaP with organic component and investigate quantitatively the effects...

Authors: In Sup Noh, Elazer R. Edelman

Abstract: A variety of attempts have been made to improve small diameter expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) vascular grafts ...


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