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Authors: Takefumi Nakanishi, Kunihide Shikata, Yu Cong Wang, Mikio Iwamoto, Makoto Kondo
Abstract:A new zirconia-toughened alumina ceramic (JMM-ZTA) for a ceramic-on-ceramic hip replacement has been developed. The JMM-ZTA has a fracture...
Authors: Masaru Ueno, Mikio Iwamoto, Junji Ikeda
Abstract:Several clinical reports pointed out that the monoclinic transformation of crystalline structure of zirconia femoral head with clinical...
Authors: Junji Ikeda, Giuseppe Pezzotti, Takefumi Nakanishi
Abstract:The phase stability under aqueous condition and changes in the wear region after the Pin-on-Flat wear testing were evaluated using Raman and...
Authors: Thomas Oberbach, Claudia Ortmann, Sabine Begand, Wilfried Glien
Abstract:Abstract. A new ceramic material for orthopaedic applications was investigated. Therefore a gradient ceramic was prepared with a zirconia...
Authors: Toshiyuki Tateiwa, Kengo Yamamoto, T. Kumakura, F. Variola, Giuseppe Pezzotti, O.D. Gaspera, G. Falcone, S. Sakakura, Ian C. Clarke
Abstract:The surface of retrieved alumina (Al2O3) femoral heads was investigated by piezo-spectroscopic techniques based on confocal photo-stimulated...
Authors: Sabine Begand, Thomas Oberbach, Wilfried Glien
Abstract:For orthopaedic applications an Alumina Toughened Zirconia Ceramic was tested regarding its mechanical behaviour. We observed a marked...
Authors: Kwon Yong Lee, Hwan Kim, Dae Joon Kim, Myung Hyun Lee, Won Seon Seo
Abstract:The sliding wear behaviors of three different compositions of novel low temperature degradation-free zirconia/alumina (LTD-free Z/A)...
Authors: Thomas Oberbach, Sabine Begand, Wilfried Glien
Abstract:The contact conditions and the resulting contact stresses for ceramic on ceramic pairings with diameter 28, 32 and 36mm were determined. A...
Authors: Hiroaki Takadama, Mineo Mizuno
Abstract:The calf serum solution was defined as the international standard lubricant for wear characterization of artificial hip joints. It is,...
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