Bioceramics 18

Volumes 309-311

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Katsuji Suzuki, Kunio Shibata, Kanae Shigemori, Hirofusa Ichinose, Tohru Tanaka

Abstract: Six patients underwent arthroplasty of the trapeziometacarpal joint of the thumb with our ball-and socket type ceramic prosthesis for the...

Authors: Akihiro Okawa, Hiromi Matsuzaki, Ken Wakabayashi, Taichi Nishimura, Masashi Oshima, Hiroshi Uei

Abstract: We innovated a new technique and hydroxyapatite material “HA Block” in order to decrease complications such as pulmonary embolization and...

Authors: Taichi Nishimura, Hiromi Matsuzaki, Akihiro Okawa, Masashi Oshima

Abstract: We have successfully treated osteoporotic spine fractures for about three years, by using transpedicular kyphoplasty with hydroxyapatite...

Authors: Kiyoshi Shinjo

Abstract: I have been able to recognize a new pathogenesis of arthrosis. According to this pathogenesis, I have developed a new treatment to drain the...

Authors: G. Daculsi, P. Corre, Oliver Malard, Racquel Z. LeGeros, Eric Goyenvalle

Abstract: Calcium phosphate bioceramics and bovine bone xenograft with or without sintering are more or less used in orthopaedics or in maxillofacial...

Authors: Hajime Ohgushi, Hiroko Machida, Akira Oshima, Noriko Kotobuki, Motohiro Hirose, Akira Fujisawa, Yasuhito Tanaka, Yoshinori Takakura

Abstract: After culture expansion of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from a few milliliter of fresh patient’s bone marrow, we applied the MSCs on...

Authors: Faik N. Oktar, S. Ozsoy, S. Altıntaş

Abstract: This study demonstrates the use of human dentine derived hydroxyapatite (DHA) as an easily prepared graft material in 23 dogs and 5 cats...

Authors: Faik N. Oktar, H.T. Turoglu, F. Uzum Yenici, S. Altıntaş

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite (HA) implants were used as grafting materials to fill some of the root resections in three patients. Two of the patients had...

Authors: Ui Won Jung, S.J. Chang, Seong Ho Choi, C.S. Kim, Jung Kiu Chai

Abstract: This study evaluated the effects of mixture of fibrin-fibronectin sealant system(FFSS) and calcium carbonate(CC) in periodontal intrabony...

Authors: Hakan Engqvist, R. Gupta

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to theoretically investigate the stress distribution in a tooth model due to expansion or contraction of the...


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