Bioceramics 18

Volumes 309-311

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Takaaki Shishido, Kengo Yamamoto, Ian C. Clarke, T. Masaoka, M. Manaka, Toshiyuki Tateiwa

Abstract: In simulator studies, the Biolox-forte hip prosthesis were run for 5 million cycles (Mc) using 50% new born calf serum for both the standard...

Authors: Stanley Tsai, Abraham Salehi, Patrick Aldinger, Gordon Hunter

Abstract: It has been shown that with high interfacial temperatures in hip bearings, it is possible to precipitate proteins, greatly reduce the...

Authors: R. Tsukamoto, Giuseppe Pezzotti, M. Ogino, H. Shoji, T. Asano, Takashi Nakamura, Ian C. Clarke

Abstract: We studied the long-term wear behaviour of alumina-doped zirconia femoral condyles against ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)...

Authors: S. Kobayashi, K. Ozeki, K.K. Hirakuri, Hideyuki Aoki

Abstract: Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films were deposited onto UHMWPE and PMMA substrates using plasma CVD process. To improve adhesion of DLC films,...

Authors: Ryusuke Nakaoka, Toshie Tsuchiya

Abstract: The aseptic loosening of artificial joints with associated periprosthetic bone resorption may be partly due to the suppression of osteoblast...

Authors: Hong Song Fan, Toshiyuki Ikoma, C.Y. Bao, H.L. Wang, Ling Li Zhang, M. Tanaka, Xing Dong Zhang

Abstract: Calcium phosphate (Ca-P) biomaterials have been proved to show osteoinductivity, however the affecting factors and mechanism are still...

Authors: Pamela Habibovic, Mirella van den Doel, Clemens A. van Blitterswijk, K. de Groot

Abstract: Osteoinductive biomaterials are able of inducing bone formation at ectopic, i.e. extraskeletal implantation sites. It is, however, important...

Authors: Pamela Habibovic, T.M. Sees, Clemens A. van Blitterswijk, K. de Groot

Abstract: Osteoinduction by biomaterials that initially do not contain bone morphogenetic proteins and other growth factors has been shown to be a...

Authors: Shin Hasegawa, Jiro Tamura, Masashi Neo, Shunsuke Fujibayashi, Koji Goto, Yasuo Shikinami, Kenshi Okazaki, Takashi Nakamura

Abstract: We had investigated the biocompatibility, osteoconductivity, and biodegradability of a porous composite of hydroxyapatite (HA) and...

Authors: Mitsuru Takemoto, Shunsuke Fujibayashi, Tomiharu Matsushita, J. Suzuki, Tadashi Kokubo, Takashi Nakamura

Abstract: The aim of this study was to optimize the surface treatment and to accelerate the osteoinductivity of porous bioactive titanium implant....


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