Advanced Biomaterials VII

Volumes 342-343

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jung Bok Lee, Seong Mi Yu, Sang Gil Lee, Jae Bong Choi, Jeong Koo Kim

Abstract: PLGA (75:25)/hydroxyapatite (HA) composite films were fabricated by solvent-casting method to investigate the effect of various...

Authors: Kun Young Song, Yoo Jung Um, Ui Won Jung, Yong Keun Lee, Seong Ho Choi, Chong Kwan Kim

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of collagen membrane coated with PLGA on bone regeneration in rat calvarial defect....

Authors: Kwang Hee Han, Gyung Joon Chae, Jung Yoo Choi, Ui Won Jung, Yong Keun Lee, Seong Ho Choi

Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the regenerative effects of chitosan membranes containing tetracycline (TC) applied to surgically...

Authors: Nak Heon Kang, Jin Young Kim, Jae Hyoung Ahn, Seok Beom Song, Seog Jin Seo, Ji Hwa Chae, Tae Woon Kim, Kwang Won Lee, Jin Kim, Chong Su Cho, Ke Won Kang

Abstract: The most commonly used sterilization method of human skin allografts is ethylene oxide (EO). EO gas, however, can change the biomechanical...

Authors: S.J. Heo, S.E. Kim, Yong Taek Hyun, D.H. Kim, Hyang Mi Lee, Yeong Maw Hwang, S.A. Park, Jung Woog Shin

Abstract: This study evaluated the potential of the PCL (poly -caprolactone)/HA(Hydroxyapatite) composite materials as a scaffold for bone...

Authors: S.J. Heo, S.A. Park, H.J. Shin, Y.J. Lee, T.R. Yoon, H.Y. Seo, K.C. Ahn, S.E. Kim, Jung Woog Shin

Abstract: PMMA remains the most popular material of bone cement for orthopaedic surgeries. However, conventional PMMA bone cement still has some...

Authors: Sang Gil Lee, Jung Bok Lee, Jong Chul Park, Young Il Yang, Jeong Koo Kim

Abstract: The effect of β-glucan-reinforced PLGA scaffold on cell proliferation was investigated. The PLGA scaffolds were prepared by salt-leaching...

Authors: Seog Jin Seo, Seok Beom Song, Ji Hwa Chae, Jin Young Kim, Jae Hyoung Ahn, Tae Woon Kim, Ho Chan Hwang, Jin Kim, Kwang Won Lee, Nak Heon Kang, Chong Su Cho, Ke Won Kang

Abstract: Human demineralized bone matrix (DBM) containing bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) is naturally biocompatible and can be remodeled by...

Authors: So Eun Lee, Young Mee Jung, Soo Hyun Kim, Sang Heon Kim, Jong Won Rhie, Young Ha Kim, Byoung Goo Min

Abstract: In cartilage tissue engineering, as a cell source, adult stem cells are very attractive for clinical applications. Recent studies suggest...

Authors: Soon Hee Kim, Bang Sil Choi, Youn Kyung Ko, Hyun Jung Ha, Sun Jung Yoon, John M. Rhee, Moon Suk Kim, Hai Bang Lee, Gil Son Khang

Abstract: In order to application for the tissue engineered intervertebral disc (IVD), we designed the synthetic/natural hybrid scaffolds with...


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