Bioceramics 20

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kenneth T. Stanton, Kevin P. O’Flynn, Simon Newcomb

Abstract: Apatite-mullite glass-ceramics have been developed as an alternative to hydroxyapatite for use in vivo as a bioactive, osseoconductive...

Authors: Martin Palou, Dušan Bakoš, Eva Kuzielová, Ján Labuda

Abstract: Lithium disilicate glass and glass with addition of P2O5, CaO and CaF2 (in relative ratios corresponding to 10 wt. % of „apparent...

Authors: Dj. Veljković, D. Tanaskovic, R. Petrović, Dj. Janaćković, M. Mitrić, C. Cojanu, C. Ristoscu, Ion N. Mihailescu

Abstract: Pulsed laser deposition was used to obtain functionally graded bioactive glass coatings on titanium substrates. An UV KrF* (λ=248 nm, τ>7...

Authors: Judy Ue, R.M. Pilliar, R.A. Kandel, Tom W. Coyle, M.D. Grynpas

Abstract: Sodium-doped CPP was synthesized using three dopant sources (sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide and sodium phosphate). These materials were...

Authors: Hui Suk Yun, Seung Eon Kim, Yong Taek Hyun

Abstract: Hierarchically 3D porous bioactive glasses (BGs) with various combination of both pore sizes and pore structures have been produced by...

Authors: Hermes S. Costa, Agda Aline Rocha de Oliveira, R.L. Oréfice, Herman S. Mansur, Marivalda Pereira

Abstract: Porous scaffolds have been developed in many forms and materials, but few have reached the combination of adequate physical, biological and...

Authors: Marc Bohner, Tobias J. Brunner, Wendelin J. Stark

Abstract: The effect of composition on the reactivity of a calcium phosphate cement (CPC) made of tricalcium phosphate (TCP) – water mixtures was...

Authors: Lydia Heimann, Stefan Deußer, Elvira Dingeldein
Authors: Aliassghar Tofighi, K. Schaffer, R. Palazzolo

Abstract: The first generation of synthetic bone substitute materials (BSM) was initially investigated in the mid 1970s using hydroxyapatite (HA) as...

Authors: S. Mahmood, W.M. Palin, Uwe Gbureck, O. Addison, M.P. Hofmann

Abstract: The effect of mechanical mixing on compressive strength, relative porosity and reliability of strength data of a brushite forming cement at...


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