Bioceramics 20

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sun Ae Lee, Tai Joo Chung, Kee Ahn Lee, Hyun Min Kim, Kyung Sik Oh

Abstract: β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) based cement features unique biodegradability and mild temperature rise as a material for bone...

Authors: Aline P. Oliveira, M. Motisuke, Claudinete V. Leal, Marisa Masumi Beppu

Abstract: It is well known that calcium phosphate compounds are widely used as bone substitute due to their biocompatibility and bioactivity....

Authors: Alex McNally, Kurt Sly, Steve Lin, Xavier Bourges, G. Daculsi
Authors: Ahmed Fatimi, Jean Francois Tassin, Monique Aselo V. Axelos, Pierre Weiss

Abstract: Injectable calcium phosphate (CaP) biomaterial is considered as an injectable bone substitute (IBS). It was developed to minimize invasive...

Authors: Jesper Lööf, Adam Faris, Leif Hermansson, Hakan Engqvist

Abstract: Two different injectable materials, intended for use in vertebroplasty (VP) treatments of fractured vertebras, were tested in an in vitro...

Authors: Tobias Jarmar, Thomas Uhlin, Urban Höglund, Peter Thomsen, Leif Hermansson, Hakan Engqvist

Abstract: Vertebral compression fractures were simulated by making a hole into sheep vertebrae and by injecting a stabilizing material. The...

Authors: Xavier Bourges, Serge Baroth, Eric Goyenvalle, Ronan Cognet, Françoise Moreau, Paul Pilet, Eric Aguado, G. Daculsi

Abstract: We performed vertebroplasty on goat model by injecting a new macroporous calcium phosphate cement MCPC®. The mechanical property of the...

Authors: M.R. Cave, David Farrar, Adrian J. Wright

Abstract: Calcium alkyl phosphates and their strontium and magnesium analogues were synthesised by the reaction of aqueous metal salts with a range...

Authors: Roxana M. Piticescu, Gabrielle Charlotte Chitanu, Aurelia Meghea, Maria Giurginca, Gabriela Negroiu, Laura Madalina Popescu

Abstract: A comparative study of the in situ interactions between different maleic anhydride based copolymers and calcium phosphates is presented in...

Authors: Sachin Mamidwar, John Ricci, Harold Alexander

Abstract: Pure calcium sulfate (CS) is an excellent bone graft material because it is biocompatible, completely biodegradable, osteoconductive, safe,...


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