Bioceramics 20

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liam M. Grover, Sarika Patel, Y. Hu, Uwe Gbureck, J.E. Barralet

Abstract: The hydrolysis of brushite in calcium phosphate cements to form hydroxyapatite is known to result in the long term stability of the...

Authors: Karin Breding, Hakan Engqvist

Abstract: Injectable resorbable bone cements for bone void fillings are gaining in interest. The materials resorb in vivo with loss of void filling...

Authors: Ishikawa Kunio, Satoshi Karashima, Akari Takeuchi, Shigeki Matsuya

Abstract: Apatite foam (AP foam) is an ideal material for bone substitutes and scaffolds in bone tissue regeneration. This is because its highly...

Authors: Edgar Benjamin Montufar, C. Gil, Tania Traykova, M.P. Ginebra, Josep A. Planell

Abstract: The design and processing of 3D macroporous bioactive scaffolds is one of the milestones for the progress of bone tissue engineering and...

Authors: Peih Jeng Jiang, Sarika Patel, Uwe Gbureck, Liam M. Grover

Abstract: There is a current need for the localized delivery of antibiotics in order to treat implant based infections. In this study, the efficacy...

Authors: Renate Gildenhaar, Georg Berger, E. Lehmann, Christine Knabe

Abstract: Commercially available calcium phosphate cements set by precipitation of nanoapatite or brushite. The goal of this study was to elucidate...

Authors: K. Kida, Y. Horiguchi, Kazuya Oribe, H. Morisue, Morio Matsumoto, Y. Toyama, Mamoru Aizawa

Abstract: We have successfully developed novel “chelate-setting apatite cement” using hydroxyapatite (HAp) particles surface-modified with inositol...

Authors: Akari Takeuchi, Akinari Nakagawa, Shigeki Matsuya, Ishikawa Kunio

Abstract: Effect of added α-tricalcium phosphate (α-TCP) and β-TCP was investigated to understand the setting reaction of apatite cement consisting...

Authors: J.L. O’Beirne, R.M. Shelton, P.J. Lumley, M.P. Hofmann

Abstract: Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) is a Portland cement (PC) based material used for sealing root canals however it has a long setting time...

Authors: J.Y. Gong, Shu Xin Qu, Q. Cui, Jie Weng

Abstract: In the present study, ZrO2 was added into the injectable calcium phosphate cements (CPCs) to improve their mechanical strength. Different...


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