Advances in Abrasive Technology XI

Volumes 389-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Han Huang, Y.Q. Wu, Y. Wang, Jin Zou, Li Bo Zhou

Abstract: This paper reports the effect of nanogrinding conditions on the formation of subsurface structures of monocrystalline silicon (100)...

Authors: Ji Wang Yan, Tooru Asami, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa

Abstract: Ultraprecision diamond-cut silicon wafers were irradiated by a nanosecond pulsed Nd:YAG laser, and the resulting specimens were...

Authors: Dong Ming Guo, Rui Hong Liu, Ren Ke Kang, Zhu Ji Jin

Abstract: In the process of CMP SiO2 ILD, the nano-particle with high surface energy in slurry has an essential impact on the efficiency and quality...

Authors: Pei Lum Tso, Zhe Hao Huang, Sheng Wei Chou, Cheng Yi Shih

Abstract: The primary consumables in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) are the polishing pad and the slurry. The polishing pad significantly...

Authors: Pei Lum Tso, Cheng Yi Shih

Abstract: A mechanical polishing process was used to reduce surface roughness through mechanical fracturing and removal of the substrate’s roughened...

Authors: Sung Chul Hwang, Jong Koo Won, Jung Taik Lee, Eun Sang Lee

Abstract: As the level of Si-wafer surface directly affects device line-width capability, process latitude, yield, and throughput in fabrication of...

Authors: N. Qin, Dong Ming Guo, Ren Ke Kang, Feng Wei Huo

Abstract: The calculating model of surface non-uniformity of polishing pad and the kinematical model between polishing pad and conditioner are...

Authors: A.Q. Biddut, Liang Chi Zhang, Y.M. Ali, Zong Wen Liu

Abstract: This paper experimentally investigates the micro-structural changes in mono-crystalline silicon induced by abrasive polishing with abrasive...

Authors: A.Q. Biddut, Liang Chi Zhang, Y.M. Ali

Abstract: This paper experimentally investigates the effect of time and pressure on the condition of polishing pads and the material removal rate...

Authors: Ryunosuke Sato, Yoshio Ichida, Yoshitaka Morimoto, Kenji Shimizu

Abstract: A series of polishing experiments have been carried out using Mn2O3 as abrasive grains to examine the polishing characteristics of CMP for...


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