Fracture and Strength of Solids VII

Volumes 462-463

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shinsuke Nagaoka, Yasushi Nakabayashi, Genki Yagawa

Abstract: Almost all the phenomena occurring around us are the coupled phenomena. In the field of numerical analysis, it is difficult to perform...

Authors: Omar Bapokutty, Zainuddin Sajuri, Junaidi Syarif, A.R. Said

Abstract: The effect of heat treatment on tensile and creep properties of nickel-base superalloy, Inconel 718 in room and at high temperature was...

Authors: Norinsan Kamil Othman, N. Othman, Azman Jalar

Abstract: The corrosion of four Fe-Cr alloys (Cr: 9, 12, 20, and 25%) with different Cr contents were subjected to cyclic oxidation furnace in...

Authors: Kazuhiro Suga, Koichi Minagawa, Masanori Kikuchi, Shigeru Aoki

Abstract: This study presents a mesh generation technique considering the measurement accuracy of the potential on an inverse analysis using the...

Authors: Kazuhiro Suga, Taro Moteki, Masanori Kikuchi

Abstract: This study evaluates effects of the diffusion layer thickness and the share stress on metal surface for the polarization curve under flow...

Authors: M. Safuadi, M. Ridha, Syifaul Huzni, Syarizal Fonna, Ahmad Kamal Ariffin, Abdul Razak Daud

Abstract: In this paper, combination of a boundary element formulation and genetic algorithm (GA) was developed and used for analyzing of cathodic...

Authors: I. Abdullah, Azman Jalar, Shahrum Abdullah, M.F. Rosle, Mohd Faridz Mod Yunoh

Abstract: In the last decade, failure of microelectronic devices has become a prominent field of research all across the world. The results of this of...

Authors: F. Harun, Azman Jalar, Shahrum Abdullah, Mohd Faridz Mod Yunoh

Abstract: Over the years the methods for checking bonding quality during volume production still remains the same. These inspection methods like ball...

Authors: Zulkifli R., Zulkarnain, Mohd Jailani Mohd Nor, Shahrum Abdullah

Abstract: A material’s sound absorbing properties can be described as a sound absorption coefficient in a particular frequency range. Porous absorbers...

Authors: Md. Arefin Kowser, Yoshio Arai, Wakako Araki

Abstract: An asymptotic analysis for singular stress fields around an interface-edge of dissimilar power-law hardening materials joint has been...


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