Fracture and Strength of Solids VII

Volumes 462-463

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Hui Liu, Jin Long Dou, Yun Chuan Liu

Abstract: Based on the assumption of one-dimensional specimens and stress distribution hypothesis,SHPB experiment is used to analysis dynamic...

Authors: Hong Jiang, Wen Lei Sun, Mamtimin Gheni, Yong Fang Shi

Abstract: In view of the bottleneck of the interfaces between Forward Engineering (FE) and Reverse Engineering (RE) softwares, the method of...

Authors: Jian Ping Zhou, Mamtimin Gheni, Chu Hua Liang, Yan Xu, Bi Sheng Zhou

Abstract: In order to research the surface integrity of SEAM, the surface figure, surface heat-affected zones (HAZ ) and surface hardness are...

Authors: Yan Xu, Wen Lei Sun, Jian Ping Zhou

Abstract: The dynamic analysis of the 750Kw wind turbine blade was presented based on Reverse Engineering. Because of complex shape, the model of wind...

Authors: Yong Fang Shi, Mamtimin Gheni, Yan Hua Huang, Hong Jiang

Abstract: With the necessity and importance of reconstructing medical image model on the medical application and research, a variety of methods...

Authors: Ya Xin Zhang, Chao Bie, Fen Cheng, Zhi Zhong Su, Mamtimin Gheni

Abstract: The piston is a key moving-part of the reciprocating piston compressor with a high failure rate. Because of the difficult exact calculation...

Authors: Muslim Mahardika, Gunawan Setia Prihandana, Takashi Endo, Suyitno, B. Arifvianto, Andi Sudiarso, Kimiyuki Mitsui

Abstract: The important thing in micro-machining is its accuracy. The Micro-Electrical Discharge Machining (micro-EDM) is a promising method in...

Authors: Jiraporn Pongsopa, Pattama Visuttpitukul, Boonchoat Paosawatyanyong

Abstract: In this work, an inductively-coupled rf plasma reactor was utilized in the nitriding process for surface hardness improvement of...

Authors: Halina Misran, Atiah Mohd Adminuddin, Faizul Akmal Mohd Zini, Ramesh Singh

Abstract: Metal-organic framework MOF-5 (i.e. IRMOF-1) with the chemical structure of Zn4O(BDC)3 were successfully synthesized using room temperature...

Authors: Z. Sajuri, N.A. Alang, Nur Azhani Abd Razak, M.A. Aziman

Abstract: Fracture toughness KC and fatigue crack growth behavior of commuter train’s rail track material used in Klang Valley, Malaysia was...


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