Fracture and Strength of Solids VII

Volumes 462-463

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lian Chun Long, Zhong Ying Chen, Zhi Guang Yang

Abstract: This paper investigates failure behavior tests of T300/AG80 composite laminated specimens under tensile and compressive preload using a load...

Authors: Yasuhiro Kanto, S. Yoshimura

Abstract: This paper demonstrates sensitive analyses of probabilistic fracture mechanics (PFM) for reactor pressure vessel (RPV) during pressurized...

Authors: Gao Ping Wang, Pan Zhou, Han Xin Chen, Jun Chen

Abstract: All over the world at present, injuries and fatalities from road accidents are a significant problem, especially occurred to pedestrians...

Authors: Mamtimin Gheni, Halida Musha, Nijiat Yusup, Kurban Baki

Abstract: In this study, the stiffness and the flexibility of welded metal bellows of mechanical seal is studied numerically by changing the number of...

Authors: Hiroshi Okada, Hiroshi Kawai, Takashi Tokuda, Yasuyoshi Fukui

Abstract: The authors have been developing a crack propagation analysis system that can deal with arbitrary shaped cracks in three-dimensional solids....

Authors: Hassan Osman, Mohd Nasir Tamin

Abstract: Creep deformation process of austenitic stainless steel foil with thickness 0.25 mm was investigated. The foil specimen was creep tested at...

Authors: Omar Suliman Zaroog, Aidy Ali, Sahari B. Barkawi

Abstract: Specimens of 2024-T351 aluminium alloy under different three shot peening intensities were studied. The modifications of the surface layers...

Authors: M.J. Suriani, Aidy Ali, S.M. Sapuan, Abdan Khalina

Abstract: The aim of this review is to gain the informations on applications and approaches that are presently available for non-destructive...

Authors: K.S. Hasnah, Abdan Khalina, Aidy Ali, S. Jamaliah

Abstract: This study presents an investigation of the effects of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) on Polypropylene (PP)/Clay type of composite. The...

Authors: Sumaiya Islam, Raafat N. Ibrahim, Raj Das

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to understand the abrasive wear mechanism for producing a nano scale groove on a bulk material through nano...


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