Fracture and Strength of Solids VII

Volumes 462-463

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hidetoshi Sakamoto, Jian Shi, Yoshifumi Ohbuchi, Mitsuharu Yamamoto

Abstract: Failure of mechanical members largely depends on the size and the development of plastic deformation from the strain concentration parts. In...

Authors: Lih Jier Young

Abstract: In general, weight reduction will always lower the strength of the specimen. The primary purpose of this paper is weight reduction of...

Authors: Mohd Afendi, Tokuo Teramoto, Akihiro Matsuda

Abstract: In this study, strength and fracture toughness of epoxy adhesively bonded scarf joints of dissimilar adherends, namely SUS304 stainless...

Authors: Hu Si, Xiao Hong Li, Yan Ming Xie

Abstract: The high pressure waterjet is widely applied for mine industry, mechanical manufacture, environmental engineering, and medicine field due to...

Authors: M.M. Tang, Ai Kah Soh

Abstract: The present study focuses on investigation of the adhesive phenomenon of gecko with viscoelasticity using the finite element method. By...

Authors: Xiao Hong Li, Hu Si, Yan Ming Xie

Abstract: The evolvement of rock fracture is a complicated and nonlinear dynamic problem. On the assumption that rock is homogeneous and isotropic, a...

Authors: Jun Deng, Pei Yan Huang

Abstract: The fatigue performance and durability of the reinforced concrete (RC) beams strengthened with fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) laminates is...

Authors: Nawar A. Kadhim, Shahrum Abdullah, Ahmad Kamal Ariffin, S.M. Beden

Abstract: Fatigue life of automotive lower suspension arm has been studied under variable amplitude loadings. In simulation, the geometry of a sedan...

Authors: Abreeza Manap

Abstract: A mathematical model of the longitudinal flexibility of a continuously welded railway track and the methodology for the analysis of the...

Authors: Naoya Saiki, Kazuaki Inaba, Kikuo Kishimoto, Hideo Seno, Kazuhiro Takahashi

Abstract: It was investigated that the influences of the peeling behavior of adhesive tapes in peeling tests on IC chip pick-up performance. Needles...


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