Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Peng Tong, Shou Zhi Pu, Shi Qiang Cui, Wei Jun Liu

Abstract: A new photochromic diarylethene, 1-(2-ethyl-3-benzothienyl)-2-[2-methyl-5-(3-trifluoromethylphenyl)-3-thieny] perfluorocyclopentene ...

Authors: Hai Ying Zhang, Hong Tao Hu, Yi Zheng, Dong Hui Chen

Abstract: In this work, advanced treatment of leachate after biological treatment was performed using sodium hypochlorite solution (NaClO) + ferric...

Authors: K.D. Huang, Ding Hua Zhang, Fang Long Zha, M.J. Li

Abstract: The main factors of impacting Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) image quality and their causes were studied, and an integrated method of...

Authors: Ying Jie Hao, Bo Qin Gu

Abstract: A failure analysis of mechanical seals of centrifugal pumps was presented with fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. Both failure...

Authors: Su Feng Wang, Yan Long Zhang, Jian Li

Abstract: The chlorophyll-a and the primary production on different sections in the Luanhe-Beidaihe Estuary in August 2007 respectively ranged from...

Authors: Chun Zheng Duan, Wei Sen Kong, Zhao Xi Wang, Min Jie Wang

Abstract: To study the microstructure of white band is helpful for revealing formation mechanism of serrated chip. This paper investigates the...

Authors: Zhan Li Li, Min Zhang

Abstract: Due to the high level complexity of the structure of trees, physical-based simulation of tree’s motion is a difficult task. Many visual...

Authors: Jih Gau Juang, Chen Han Wu

Abstract: This research utilizes type-2 fuzzy logic system to a wheeled mobile robot (WMR) for moving object avoidance. A CCD camera and a...

Authors: Hao Jie Sun, Xue Gang Chen

Abstract: Xinjiang is rich in mountain and lake tourist resources; however, they are complex and vulnerable. In line with the features of mountain and...

Authors: Hao Jie Sun

Abstract: Xinjiang is rich in tourist resources, and tourism is embracing a good opportunity, taking a trend of sound development. As the scale of...


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