Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ping Liu, Hui Yi Miao

Abstract: An unconstrained optimization model applicable to radial deviation measurement is established for assessing cylindricity errors by the...

Authors: Yun Liu, Wei Jiang, Zhi Sheng Jing, Rui Ping Zhang, Zhong Min Liu

Abstract: Magnetorheological fluid damper, coil current changes the magnetic field by adjusting the magnetic fluid flow in the damping channel, to...

Authors: Y.D. Dai, X.F. Lu

Abstract: Based on relation between blanking pressure and materials’ mechanical properties, mainly HV hardness and tensile strength of sheet metals, a...

Authors: Sheng Li Chen, Xiao Dong Liu

Abstract: We formulate the model of R&D investment scale adjustment of defense procurement by applying game theory and contest theory and study...

Authors: Xiao Hu Ma

Abstract: The last few years, research on network risk evaluation technique[1], and establishment of risk evaluation system facing integrity grade...

Authors: Jia Qing Guan, Gen Yuan Zhang

Abstract: ZARA is a pioneer of fast fashion brand which has strong advantages in integration of industrial chain, market and user research. This...

Authors: Rong Guo Li

Abstract: In this paper, we elaborated on preventive mechanisms either based on cryptographic solutions or trust based infrastructure Moreover, both...

Authors: Zheng Jie

Abstract: In this paper, the chaotic optimization algorithm is embedded in traditional PSO algorithm using randomness and ergodicity of ...

Authors: Xue Yun Lin

Abstract: In this paper we have proposed a model to compute the complexity of small relational database application developed in MS Access. The model...

Authors: Shih Ming Pi

Abstract: In this study, we proposed a conceptual architecture of web personalization based on subject taxonomy tree and click-through analyses in...


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