Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Zhao, Li Ming Chen

Abstract: The paper presents a decision support system for selecting public investment project. Based on principal component analysis(PCA)and BP (Back...

Authors: Hui Zhao, Li Ming Chen

Abstract: A evaluation model based on the integration of analytic hierarchy process (AHP)-rough set theory (RS) and radial basic function (RBF) neural...

Authors: Jia Zhang, Hai Yan Zhang, Jin Na Lv, Yan Chang Liu

Abstract: In many applications of wireless sensor network (WSN), it is essential to ensure that sensors can determine their location, even in the...

Authors: Jiang Ping Wang, Qi Shang, Ze Fu Bao

Abstract: Three-dimensional solid model of a turntable of a drilling rig is built utilizing the modeling functions of an engineering software...

Authors: Chang Yin Gao, Wan Quan Li

Abstract: In order to realize pinch during the production of the continuous casting battery grid, using the link and floating mechanism a pinch...

Authors: Yu Wu, Yuan Yao, Li Wang

Abstract: From the view of complex networks and emergent computation, a new emergence model of public opinion is built. It is based on small-world...

Authors: Xue Song Zhang

Abstract: The Plate Bending phenomenon on R1 Mill is the research object in this paper. The mechanism and the influence factors of the plate bending...

Authors: Jin Xin Zhang, Man Gui Liang, Zhao Wei Wang

Abstract: Due to the growing of multimedia data traffic, the shortest path can not be met the requirements of the future integrated-service. Many...

Authors: Dong Li, Fang Xiang, Hao Quan Liu, Tao Guo, Guang Hua Wu

Abstract: This paper introduces the empirical mode decomposition and Hilbert transform principle. The validity and superiority of Hilbert—Huang...

Authors: Chang Yin Gao, Wan Quan Li

Abstract: The torsional effect of a rectangular piezoelectric quartz is studied in the article. Using the anisotropic elasticity and Maxwell...


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