Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Si Li, Hong E Ren

Abstract: Combined with the composition characteristics of forest fire image background when the forest fire occurred during different time periods of...

Authors: Zhong Cheng Wang, Xiao Yu Liu, An Kang Kan

Abstract: In this paper, through the three-dimensional simulation of the cargo hold in the pre-cooling process–LNGC to reflect the changes of the...

Authors: Xu Li, Pin Chao Liu

Abstract: With the people's attention to food safety issues, And RFID used in the field of the traceability of food safety. Design a system of based...

Authors: Ling Xia Liu

Abstract: This paper is concerned with an iterative functional differential equation with state-dependent delay As well as in previous works, we...

Authors: Jia Zhang, Hai Yan Zhang, Jin Na Lv, Li Qiang Yin

Abstract: Localization is a vital foundation work in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). Almost all of location algorithms at present need the position...

Authors: Xiao Jiang Ren

Abstract: The development history and situation of Chinese Discrete Manufacturing Enterprises are reviewed in this paper. Then the problems existed...

Authors: Shi Tong Shang, Xu Guang Guan, Yin Tang Yang

Abstract: A novel high throughput globally asynchronous locally synchronous wrapper is proposed to improve the network interface performance of...

Authors: Jian Wen, Shu Hui Xu, Yan Chao Wang, Tong Fen Liang

Abstract: Driving device including mechanical and electrical components has to be protected by special designed shelter to fit the extreme temperature...

Authors: Dian Yuan Han, Xin Yuan Huang

Abstract: This paper concerns the problem of blown and swayed tree image registration. The swayed tree leaves and little branches contain plenty of...

Authors: Jiang Tao Shi, Qing Feng Sun, Jian Li

Abstract: Titanium dioxide nanoparticles were produced in xylem cell of living tree by in situ hydrolysis of tetrabutyl orthotitanate (TBOT) under...


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