Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Qiang Han, Fei Zhou Li, Bian Guo

Abstract: The kinematic modeling of 2P-R linkage, which is part of the differential feed mechanism of overlock machine, is built with the method of...

Authors: Ye Yuan, Zhi Qiang Huang, Ze Min Cai

Abstract: We have studied the detection of epileptic seizure by EEG signals based on embedding dimension as the input characteristic parameter of...

Authors: Peng Shuai Qiao, Lei Li

Abstract: This paper adopts the indoor artificial rapid infiltration system of simulated soil columns to deal with several water-quality indexes of...

Authors: Xiao Hui Zeng, Man Hua Li, Wen Lang Luo

Abstract: A remote network monitoring model for large-scale materials manufacturing is proposed, including five modules: center control module, data...

Authors: Ping Wang, Kong Hui Guo, Zhou Lan, Dong Kui Hu

Abstract: Formulas of flux and power consumption of twin screw pulping extruder (TSPE) based on extrusion model deal with nearly all of geometrical...

Authors: Xiao Yang Shen, Ping Wang, Jun Yao

Abstract: In order to reduce the energy consumption and gear’s weight of drive system, based on electromechanical driving dynamics, the paper...

Authors: Xiao Yang Shen, Ping Wang, June Zhang, Gao Sheng Wang

Abstract: In order to select rational screw parameters for improving the pulping quality, efficiency and reducing specific energy, the paper studied...

Authors: Han Wang, Zuo Yi Yang, Jin Yong Liu, Gao Feng Zheng, Yin Ping Liu

Abstract: When nanofibers could be made last century, its filtration potential was expected in a lot of professional fields, such as building...

Authors: Jing Hua Zhao, Jie Lin

Abstract: The coordination of multi-enterprise production scheduling with partial information sharing is important in supply chain management. This...

Authors: Chun Fei Zhang, Meng Yang Li, Jiu Hong Wei, Wan Long Li

Abstract: Development of information technology provides the technical support for instruction. Research on teaching-system is developed using agent...


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