Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Zi Chen, Yi Chen

Abstract: Customer credit evaluation is very important for customer relationship management in Enterprise Resource Planning. However, how to evaluate...

Authors: Lian Wei Yang, Jin Hui Li, Rui Jie Wang

Abstract: To improve the wear and mechanical properties, SiC and Si3N4 whiskers reinforced...

Authors: Heng Wang

Abstract: This paper analyses the influence of environmental management in the managerial perception in small and medium-sized enterprises as a...

Authors: Yuan Guo, Lian Suo Wei, Xue Feng Dai

Abstract: Basing on the principle of laser-linear array CCD detective technology, a high accuracy non-touch on-line optical fibre CCD sensor for...

Authors: Yu Kui Sheng, Wan Lian Lan

Abstract: Electronic business is an emerging business activity. Electronic busines affects commodity trading activities, so it affects logistics...

Authors: Jia Zhu

Abstract: In allusion to insufficiency in teaching method of tradition “one-to-one” piano class, we lead to innovative means of "one-to-many" teaching...

Authors: Jia Zhu

Abstract: Early 1980's MIDI technology coming into being, it has created condition for the development of modern music technology. From the MIDI,...

Authors: Yang Yang, Zheng Fang, Peng Fei Ji, Jing Cai, Wei Li

Abstract: During the past 10 years, online shopping developed quickly, which made it a hot topic in marketing research. From 5 aspects, demographics,...

Authors: Wan Gao Li, Xiao Le Liu, De Chang Sun

Abstract: Firstly, the requirements of production control and the features of discrete manufacturing process were researched , the production process...

Authors: Fu Lin Shen, Jun Liang Jiu, Zhao Kai Li, Xu Liang Xie, Ying Hui Mao

Abstract: In order to improve the rollover crashworthiness of coach, three roof beam structures commonly used in coach were established with finite...


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