Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Wei Fang, Jun Jun Wu, Xin Fang Zhang, Hong Chen

Abstract: RFID technology plays an important role in our daily life nowadays. It widely used in the automatic identification system by embedding the...

Authors: Gui Wu Hu, Xiao Yong Du

Abstract: This paper is to illustrate the Cellular Differential Evolution with the cellular structure originated from Cellular automata. Cellular...

Authors: Chang Shu Tsai, Hong Yi Chen, Kwo Ping Chang

Abstract: Magnetic nano-particles are extensively studied in tumor therapy, target drug, gene screen, cell separation and magnetic resonance imaging...

Authors: Xiu Mei Zhao, Fang Ai Liu, Song Qin

Abstract: This paper presents a new model (SMF-Chord) which is expanded from Chord. SMF-Chord uses double-fingerprint, double-mapping and dynamic...

Authors: Jin Xing Lai, Guang Long Zhang, Xiao Wei Liu

Abstract: Based on the characteristic of distress in Qijia mountain road tunnel, thickness, cavity distribution, crevice water were detected with...

Authors: Ying Xiao, Zhen Xing Li

Abstract: Step-size is one of the important parameters which influence the performance of blind equalization, a variable step-size method control by...

Authors: Tao Pan, Qiang Ji, Yun Han, Peng Zhao Li

Abstract: A directly rapid quantitative analysis method for chemical oxygen demand (COD) of wastewater was established by Fourier transform infrared...

Authors: Hong Jian Cao, Hui Zhang

Abstract: There has been a modularization trend in manufacturing industry since 1990s. Modular network is a simpler and more effective way to form...

Authors: Bo Fu, Yi Jing, Xuan Fu, Tobias Hemsel

Abstract: The multi-objective optimal design of a piezoelectric sandwich ultrasonic transducer is studied. The maximum vibration amplitude and the...

Authors: Xu Hui Zhang

Abstract: Methane monitoring and alarm system is very important because it guarantees the coal mine production safety. After analyzing impact factors...


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