Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Jie Wang, Lian Wei Yang

Abstract: Calculating the value of ecosystem services may improve economic efficiency and play an important role in protecting ecosystems.The...

Authors: Dong Yang, Lei Liu, Manuel Bernal Llinares

Abstract: In this paper we first establish a dependency matrix over the inputs of web services in composition and the degree of dependency between the...

Authors: Jun Ying Wei, Pei Si Zhong, Chun Fen Guo

Abstract: Aiming at the current situation of manufacturing enterprises’ resources, the definition and the classification of manufacturing resources...

Authors: Ting Wei Liu, Yu Guo, Bin Li, Yan Chun Ding, Hua Wen Zheng

Abstract: An improved envelope analysis approach based on spectral kurtosis (SK) and complex shifted Morlet wavelet in the diagnostics of local gear...

Authors: Jing Hua Wen, He Ling Jiang, Mei Zhang, Xi Yu

Abstract: The dynamic programming has significant implications for solving multi-stage decision of resource allocation problems. By inducting phase,...

Authors: Hong Xia Zhao, Zhi Yang Luo, Xin Yuan, Yuan Li

Abstract: The bad degree of meat and the color change have a close relation. Computer vision is not under the influence of physiological and...

Authors: Fang Wang, Xian Ping Zhang, Feng Kun Wang, Xiao Wei Fan, Zhi Wei Lian

Abstract: This paper deals with a thermodynamic analysis of a vapor compression refrigeration system with the new refrigerant R125/R600a blends,...

Authors: Yan Min Chen, Xi Zhong Lou, Jing Wen Zhan, Shan Qiang Wu

Abstract: This paper presents a coherence structure construction method based on discourse cue phrases for Chinese text. An algorithm that derives the...

Authors: Shih Ming Pi

Abstract: Many products selling on the Internet channel include music, which also sells in brick and mortar stores and in online stores, developed...

Authors: Xian Ping Zhang, Fang Wang, Huan Lin Duan, Ai Dong Chen

Abstract: In order to decrease the heat rejection pressure of pure CO2 refrigerating system and meanwhile have sustainable environmentally...


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