Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Ma, Mao Tian Luan, Zhong Chang Wang

Abstract: Plastics drain board method is one of the most effective ways of reducing excess pore water pressure during the process of dynamic...

Authors: Zeng Shou Dong, Yu Jun Wang, Jian Chao Zeng

Abstract: The fast location is especially important, in the license plate recognition. In this paper, we received the candidate regions by the...

Authors: Wei Wang, Rang Ding Wang

Abstract: In order to detect double JPEG2000 compression, through analyzing the different statistical characterization of DWT coefficients between...

Authors: Li Feng Zhang, Qun Liu

Abstract: The question of energy and enviorment is a hot question in the world, it is a hot and difficult problem in China also.To issue the...

Authors: Jun Gang Wang, Yong Wang, Yan Tao An, Qi Lin Huang, Mao Lin Xu

Abstract: The three-dimensional helical gear model based on the geometric parameters is created by using software called PROE3.0. The natural...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Shao Liang Wei, Hui Zhi Sun

Abstract: Nanometer two-dimensional platform can realize the accurate positioning of X and Y coordinate, and it is the important parts of Nanometer...

Authors: Bian Guo, Yu Qiang Han, W.J. Lei, Hong Bo Wei, Fei Zhou Li

Abstract: Because of its border nonlinearity, the contact between rolling element and ball race is difficult to be solved .With the development of...

Authors: Zheng Yu Zhu, Shu Jia Dong, Chun Lei Yu, Jie He

Abstract: Many existing text clustering algorithms overlook the semantic information between words and so they possess a lower accuracy of text...

Authors: Lian Qing Fu, Li Sheng Yang, He Tang, Ya Ning Ma

Abstract: The paper addresses the realization of anti-stealth radar and the problems which modern radars are confronted with. With the application of...

Authors: Xu Yu Yang, Run Zi Wang

Abstract: Polymer and montmorillonite (MMT) clay composites are the hot topic of research because of its excellent performances, a kind of...


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