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Authors: Tamaz Eterashvili, T. Dzigrashvili, M. Vardosanidze

Abstract: The structure of austenitic steel before and after 25% of total number of cycles of low cycle fatigue tests conducted at room temperature is...

Authors: X.Y. Xu, Hui Zhao Zhang, Qiang Zhao, Yun Fa Chen, Jian Xu, D.P. Yu

Abstract: Large area well-aligned ZnO nanowire arrays have successfully been synthesized on an unconventional substrate: stainless-steel mesh at a low...

Authors: Fan Hao Zeng, X. Zhang

Abstract: Large-scale single-crystalline In2O3 nanowires were successfully synthesized by simply evaporating the pure indium at 950ı. The...

Authors: Yu Jing Sun, Shi Tian, Xiao Bing Li

Abstract: PbTiO3 nano-sized powders were synthesized at 150oC by a new hydrothermal [denoted as sol-hydrothermal] method by using modified titanium...

Authors: Chang Sheng Li, Ke Hong Yan, Zhen Fan, Xiao Ping Shen, Kang Ming Chen, Ting Shun Jiang, Yin Qun Hua, Jian Ning Ding, Ji Chang Yang

Abstract: MS2(M=Mo, W, S=S, Se) are often used as solid lubricants in high/low temperature, high load, vacuum, in which oil lubrication is failed....

Authors: Y.Q. Chang, Yi Zhi Chen, D.P. Yu, Z.L. Fang, G.H. Li, F.H. Yang

Abstract: In this paper, we investigated the Raman scattering and photoluminescence of Zn1-xMnxO nanowires synthesized by the vapor phase growth. The...

Authors: Ying Yu, Wen Ya Huang, Fei Peng Du, Li-Li Ma

Abstract: A novel Cu2O nano-whiskers with diameter of 6 ~ 12nm has been synthesized with the method of chemical deposition by adding surfactant...

Authors: Long Shan Wang, X. Zhang, Fan Hao Zeng

Abstract: Two kinds of ZnO nanowires with different morphologies and characters were produced on Si (100) using a new PVD approach by heating and...

Authors: Yu Zhou, Hua Ke, De Chang Jia, W. Wang, J.C. Rao

Abstract: Sr1-xBi2+yTa2O9 (x, y=0.2, 0) nanoparticles, synthesized by a sol-gel method, are investigated by X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy....

Authors: D.Y. Han, Huai Yu Yang, C.B. Shen

Abstract: Nanoparticles of MgO were successfully prepared in Triton X-100/n-hextnol/cyclohexane/water W/O microemulsion system. Basic preparation...


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