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Authors: K.J. Liao, W.L. Wang, Y.T. Wang, J.W. Lu, X.L. Sun

Abstract: The field electron emission from carbon nanotube films on polycrystalline diamond films was investigated. The carbon nanotubes and diamond...

Authors: Shuang Lin Yue, C.Y. Zhi, Chang Zhi Gu

Abstract: By using radio frequency magnetron reactive sputtering system, (002)-oriented AlN film was deposited on W tip. The field emission from...

Authors: Lan Zhang, Hui Zhong Ma, Xue Xiang Li, Ning Yao, Bing Lin Zhang

Abstract: Carbon nitride nanotubes (CN-NT) thin films were prepared on Ni-Cr coated glass substrate by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor...

Authors: Fan Xiu Lu, Yu Mei Tong, X.H. Gao, Wei Zhong Tang, Cheng Ming Li, Guang Chao Chen

Abstract: In the present investigation a specially designed ceramic interlayer, which is able to supply suitable protection of the ZnS substrate...

Authors: S.G. Wang, P.J. Sellin, Q. Zhang, Fan Xiu Lu, Wei Zhong Tang, A. Lohstroh

Abstract: In this study, X-ray detectors with coplanar metal-semiconductor-metal structure, were fabricated employing high quality chemical vapour...

Authors: Y.L. Zhou, Guang Chao Chen, Guoan Chen, Cheng Ming Li, Yu Mei Tong, Fan Xiu Lu

Abstract: Structure-designed free-standing diamond films have been fabricated by DC plasma jet method. The different dominant crystalline surface...

Authors: Hui Qing Li, Cheng Ming Li, Guang Chao Chen, Fan Xiu Lu, Yu Mei Tong

Abstract: Interfaces between Mo substrate and free-standing diamond films prepared by DC arc plasma jet operated at gas recycling mode were...

Authors: H.W. Choi, M.W. Moon, T.Y. Kim, Kwang Real Lee, Kyu Hwan Oh
Authors: Xu Zhang, Hui Xing Zhang, Xiang Ying Wu, Tong He Zhang

Abstract: The tetrahedral amorphous carbon films are attracting materials because of their properties similar to diamond, such as high hardness,...

Authors: Jia Qi Zhu, Jie Cai Han, Song He Meng, Xiao Dong He, Manlin Tan, Wei Gao

Abstract: To investigate the effects of film thickness on Raman characterization and intrinsic stress of tetrahedral amorphous carbon and ascertain...


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