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Authors: Wen Long Jiang, Yu Duan, Yi Zhao, Jingying Hou, Shi Yong Liu

Abstract: In this paper, we describe the performance of an organic light emitting devices〔OLEDs〕 with ITO /4,4’,4“-tris{N,- ( 3-methylphenyl )...

Authors: D.Y. Xu, Yan Ping Liu, Z.Y. Chen, Z.W. He, Xing Qin Liu, Y.Y. Wang

Abstract: Tb-doped silicon carbide (SiC:Tb) films were deposited on porous silicon (PS) substrates by rf co-sputtering. The prepared films were...

Authors: Yang Ping Li, Zheng Tang Liu

Abstract: Long-wave infrared windows and domes used under harsh conditions always suffer sand abrasion and raindrop erosion. GaP thin film has proved...

Authors: Hui Zhong Ma, Lan Zhang, Jun Jie Zhang, Yun Hai Du, Ning Yao, Bing Lin Zhang

Abstract: A flexible carbon thin film was prepared by laser induced when phase changing of polyimide thin film. There is no substrate for this thin...

Authors: Wen Xiu Cheng, Ai Li Ding, Ping Sun Qiu

Abstract: Amorphous and crystalline (Zr0.8,Sn0.2)TiO4 (ZST) thin films deposited on Si(100) substrates have been prepared by a sol-gel process. The...

Authors: Q. Wei, S.Y. He, J.C. Liu, D.Z. Yang

Abstract: Under the simulation environment for the vacuum and heat sink in space, the changes in optical and electrical properties of transparent...

Authors: Feng Ji, Jin Ma, Yu Heng Wang, Hong-Lei Ma, Xihu Yu, Fu Jian Zong

Abstract: SnO2 films were prepared by atmosphere pressure chemical vapor deposition (APCVD) method. The preparation, structure and photoluminescence...

Authors: Aiwu Li, Hua Xing, Cuiling Zhou, Jian Shen, Letian Zhang, Wei Zheng, Yushu Zhang

Abstract: Sn-doped SiO2 thin films were fabricated on Si substrates by the Sol-Gel method. Permanent refractive index change was found using...

Authors: Li Ping Feng, Zheng Tang Liu

Abstract: As a coating material with excellent optical and mechanical properties, silica films can be used as anti-reflective and protective layers on...

Authors: M.C. Li, Lian Cheng Zhao, H.M. Li

Abstract: The microstructure, optical absorption properties and luminescence function of GaN thin films grown on the sapphire substrate with the...


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