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Authors: Z.X. Bi, Rong Zhang, Zi Li Xie, Xiang Qian Xiu, Yu Da Ye, B. Liu, Shu Lin Gu, Y. Shi, Y.D. Zheng

Abstract: The MOCVD-growth and annealing of InN films have been studied in this work. The XRD spectra of InN films grown at 350 °C~500 °C indicate...

Authors: W.L. Wang, K.J. Liao, Jian Zhang, P. Yu, G.B. Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the optical properties and structure of CdS films were investigated by SEM, X-ray diffraction, and x-ray photoelectron...

Authors: Xiao Bai Chen, Hong Qiu, Hao Qian, Ping Wu, Feng Ping Wang, Liqing Pan, Yue Tian

Abstract: 185 nm-thick Ni76Fe24 films were deposited on SiO2/Si(100) substrates at room temperature by DC magnetron co-sputtering and they were...

Authors: Cong Mian Zhen, Xiao Xia Zhai, Chengfu Pan, Xiangfu Nie

Abstract: FePt/C mutilayer films were successfully prepared by using RF and DC magnetron sputtering system. FePt nanoparticles embedded in a C matrix...

Authors: Chang Zheng Wang, Zheng Hong Guo, Yong Hua Rong, T.Y. Hsu

Abstract: A series of (Fe50Ni50)xCu1-x granular films were prepared using magnetron controlled sputtering method. The magnetic-transport and...

Authors: Shun Zhen Feng, Huiyuan Sun, Hongyun Yu, Fengju Gao, Chengfu Pan, Hong Juan Zhou, Xiangfu Nie, Yuping Sun

Abstract: Granular C/Co/C films have been prepared by magnetron sputtering from C and Co onto glass substrates at room temperature and subsequent in...

Authors: Wan Li Zhang, Hong Chuan Jiang, Bin Peng, Wen Xu Zhang, Shi Qing Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the influences of annealing temperature on TbFe magnetostrictive film magnetic and magnetostrictive characteristics were...

Authors: Zhi Gao Huang, Yingbin Lin, Yan Min Yang, Feng Ming Zhang, You Wei Du

Abstract: In this paper, based on 4×4 matrix method, we present theoretical calculations of the polar magneto-optical Kerr effect for Co/Pt and MnBi...

Authors: Jin Cheng, Yue Zhang

Abstract: In recent years, much work has been done on microwave absorbing materials, and anisotropy magnetic materials are expected to have excellent...

Authors: Y.F. Ge, Rong Zhang, Xiang Qian Xiu, Zi Li Xie, Shu Lin Gu, Yi Shi, You Dou Zheng

Abstract: Fe films have been grown on different oriented Si substrates by metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), and then samples are put in...


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