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Authors: Hong Chuan Jiang, Wan Li Zhang, Bin Peng, Wen Xu Zhang, Shi Qing Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the influences of depositing angles on TbFe film magnetic and magnetostrictive characteristics were discussed. TbFe films...

Authors: K. Zhao, L. Zhang, B.L. Liang, C. Wu, J.F. Feng, H.K. Wong

Abstract: Transport properties of YBa2Cu4O8 (YBCO)/La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 (LCMO) multilayers were studied. The metal-semiconductor transition temperature...

Authors: Ki Bum Kim, Hyun Min Kim, Sung-Soo Yim, Seung Hyun Moon, Young Woon Kim
Authors: F. Pan, J.J. Chen, Fei Zeng, Y. Gao, D.M. Li

Abstract: ZnO thin film, as a promising piezoelectric material, possesses unique electrical, acoustical, and optical properties. In this paper,...

Authors: D.M. Li, F. Pan, X.B. Wang, J.B. Niu, M. Liu

Abstract: To obtain both high power durability and fine-dimensional control in high-frequency surface acoustic wave devices, a highly oriented (111)...

Authors: Huiqiang Yu, Lin Chen, Rong Zhang, Xiang Qian Xiu, Zi Li Xie, Yu Da Ye, Shu Lin Gu, Bo Shen, Yi Shi, You Dou Zheng

Abstract: GaN films are grown on Si(111) with low-temperature GaN (LT-GaN) layers as buffer layers by hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE). The LT-GaN...

Authors: Fu Jian Zong, Hong-Lei Ma, Cheng Shan Xue, Hui Zhao Zhuang, Xi Jian Zhang, Hongdi Xiao, Jin Ma, Feng Ji
Authors: Dong Sing Wuu, Shui Yang Lien, Jui Hao Wang, Hsin-Yuan Mao, In-Cha Hsieh, Bing-Rui Wu, Pin Chuan Yao

Abstract: One of the most challenging problems to develop polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells is the growth of crystalline silicon on...

Authors: Ying He, Jia You Feng, Q.L. Wu

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of a thin interlayer of Pt on thermal stability of NiSi films on Si(111) has been studied. The Ni/Pt/Si(111)...


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