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Authors: Qun Wang, Rui Dong, Li Dong Chen, Tong Lai Chen, Xiao Min Li
Abstract:A novel electric-pulse-induced reversible resistance (EPIR) change effect was observed in Ag/Ln1-xCaxMnO3/Pt (Ln= Pr, La) sandwich structure...
Authors: Xiao Na Li, Chuang Dong, Lei Xu
Abstract:Carbon-doped b-FeSi2 films synthesized by ion implantation are investigated with the aim to fabricate high-quality semiconducting b-FeSi2...
Authors: X.P. Zhang, Y.S. Xiao, H. Zhou, B.T. Xie, C.X. Yang, Y.G. Zhao
Abstract:In this paper, we report the growth of NaxCoO2 thin films by pulsed-laser deposition (PLD). It is shown that the concentration of sodium is...
Authors: Tae Sik Yoon, Ji Hun Oh, Sang Hyun Park, Viena Kim, Changwoo Kwon, Ki Bum Kim
Authors: Y. Choi, Min Young Choi, Y.S. Hahn, Man Kim, Sik Chol Kwon
Authors: Shi Qiang Qian, Jian Sheng Wu
Abstract:Amorphous thin Films of Ti51.78 Ni22.24Pd25.98 alloys were deposited onto 2 inch diameter n-type (100)Si wafer by r.f. magnetron sputtering....
Authors: Man Kim, S.U. Park, D.Y. Kim, Sik Chol Kwon, Y. Choi
Authors: R. Hassdorf, J. Feydt, S. Thienhaus, M. Boese, L. Buforn, N. Conté, M. Moske
Authors: Josef Stetina, František Kavička, Jana Dobrovská, Libor Camek, Milos Masarik
Abstract:Solidification and cooling of a continuously cast steel slab and the heating of the mould is a very complicated problem of transient heat and...
Authors: Hui Cong Liu, Liqun Zhu, Yan Bin Du
Abstract:Four Sol-Gel films were developed by dip-coating electroless nickel-plated samples in different Sols, followed by heat treatment. The effects...
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