Solidification and Gravity IV

Volume 508

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: György Kaptay

Abstract: The final morphology of liquid metallic emulsions, produced in a temperature gradient, depends on the interfacial gradient force acting on...

Authors: N. Babcsán, F. Garcia-Moreno, D. Leitlmeier, John Banhart

Abstract: Metal foams are quite a challenge to materials scientists due to their difficult manufacturing. In all processes the foam develops in the...

Authors: Witold K. Krajewski, A. Lindsay Greer

Abstract: The microstructure of cast Zn-25wt%Al alloy inoculated by addition of a Zn-4wt%Ti master alloy (ZnTi4) has been studied using scanning...

Authors: Primož Mrvar, Milan Tribžan, Jožef Medved, Alojz Križman

Abstract: The eutectoid transformation of the spheroidal graphite cast iron (S.G.I.) has been investigated with “in situ” dilatometer, which was made...

Authors: Enikő Bitay

Abstract: The present work aims to analyze the dispersion process (path) of the solid particles by moving a spherical particle from the feeding-nozzle...

Authors: Enikő Bitay, András Roósz

Abstract: The laser surface-treatment methods have been quickly developed by appearing of lasers with high power beam and can increase the hardness,...

Authors: Thomas Lierfeld, Matthias Kolbe, Dieter M. Herlach, Gunther F. Eggeler

Abstract: Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) have great technical potential as they combine the ductility of metals with the hardness of ceramics: the...

Authors: Wilfried Kurz

Abstract: The evolution of our understanding of dendritic and eutectic growth is presented. The control of both phenomena is essential in...

Authors: Shaun McFadden, David J. Browne, Jerzy Banaszek

Abstract: The as-cast properties of components with a columnar grain structure are very different from those with an equiaxed one. Under certain...

Authors: Altan Turkeli

Abstract: The coarsening of secondary dendrite arms is discussed in terms of two different driving forces, which are the curvature effect and the...


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