High-Temperature Oxidation and Corrosion 2005

Volumes 522-523

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.522-523

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Authors: Yuuzou Kawahara, Kouji Sasaki, Yuuji Nakagawa

Abstract: In order to improve the durability of high efficiency waste-to-energy boilers, it is essential to develop and apply high temperature...

Authors: Melanie Montgomery, Ole Biede, Ole Hede Larsen

Abstract: Inconel 625 is utilised in both biomass and waste incineration plants in Denmark. In both cases, the performance is good however the...

Authors: F.J. Pérez, J. Nieto, J.A. Trilleros, M.P. Hierro

Abstract: In order to evaluate the damage of molten salt mixtures in waste incineration environments, the alloy 625 was exposed to a molten KCl-ZnCl2...

Authors: C. Pettersson, Jan Erik Svensson, Lars Gunnar Johansson

Abstract: The influence of gaseous KCl on the high temperature oxidation of alloy Sanicro 28 (27Cr31Ni) at 600°C in 5% O2 (N2 in balance) is...

Authors: Gérard Moulin, Katia Weulersse, Jérôme Favergeon

Abstract: The behavior of three different materials with respect to their Fe, Cr, Ni contents have been studied between 450°C and 700°C, in waste...

Authors: Manabu Noguchi, Kei Matsuoka, Hideyuki Sakamoto, Shigeki Ueta, Yoshiyuki Sawada

Abstract: After examining practical structural materials for use in the high-temperature environments of waste incinerators, it was found that a...

Authors: J. Pettersson, C. Pettersson, Nicklas Folkeson, Lars Gunnar Johansson, Erik Skog, Jan Erik Svensson

Abstract: Corrosion/deposition field tests have been carried out in the superheater region of a commercial waste-fired 75MW CFBC boiler using air...

Authors: P. Szakàlos

Abstract: This paper gives an overview of the different processes of metal dusting (MD) that operate on low and high alloyed iron and nickel base...

Authors: Yoshitaka Nishiyama, Nobuo Otsuka

Abstract: The present study focuses on a new technique for the prevention of metal dusting in carbonaceous gas environments at intermediate...

Authors: Yujiro Yokoyama, Tomoyuji Mizukoshi, Itsuo Ishigami, Tateo Usui

Abstract: Low carbon steel, S15CK, was carburized at 1203K up to 12.93ks in a commercial furnace where RX gas converted from propane was employed as...


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