Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology II

Volumes 532-533

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Wan, Wei Hong Zhang, Gang Tan, Guo Hua Qin
Authors: Hao Tian Wu, Guo Ding Chen

Abstract: The research of lubrication oil flow on gas/liquid two-phase flow is necessary in the designing process of engine bearing. It influences...

Authors: Rui Ting Tong, Geng Liu, Quan Ren Zeng, Tian Xiang Liu

Abstract: A thermal elasto-plastic asperity contact model is investigated in this paper, which takes into account the steady-state heat transfer and...

Authors: Ming Yang, Yuan Li, Yong Chao Wang

Abstract: China aviation project has little sample and the traditional method can not estimate the project cost accurately. This paper proposes a...

Authors: Lan Li, En Fu Liu, Qing Su Jin

Abstract: The modern manufacturing industry requires the cutting process to reduce the quantity of pollutants, to ensure the product quality, to make...

Authors: Cheng Lv, Li Wen Zhang, Zhao Kun Wang, Qu Ying Zheng, Dan Wang

Abstract: Analysis of the forging of gas turbine rotor blades is a complex operation because of the complicated three-dimensional geometry and the...

Authors: Hang Gao, Jia Peng Yu, Xue Shu Liu

Abstract: Aiming at the characteristics of turbine compressor’s impellers, such as complexity in surface, assembled structure and variety in...

Authors: Jun Ru Yang, Yue Kan Zhang, Zhao Qian Li, Chuan Zhen Huang

Abstract: The interaction between a cermet cladding plate part and a homogeneous cylindrical part under wear condition is simplified as a plain...

Authors: Qin Lian, Di Chen Li, Bing Heng Lu

Abstract: Self-hardening calcium phosphate cement (CPC) could not be used to repair a large segmental defect in a load-bearing bone because of its...

Authors: Jing Kui Ruan, Ying Lin Ke, Hui Yue Dong, Yong Yang

Abstract: A finite element model (FEM) of high-speed cutting was built to study the mechanism of high-speed machining of alloy cast iron used widely...


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