Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology II

Volumes 532-533

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Zheng Su, Le Hua Qi, Ji Ming Zhou, Yu Shan Wang, Fang Yang

Abstract: The pressure infiltration process of porous preforms by molten metals was investigated numerically in this paper. The finite element model...

Authors: Jian Lin Chen, Zhi Long Zhao, Guang Ming Yan, Lin Liu

Abstract: The associated modeling method of complex foundry system was investigated under software environment of PRO/E and ANSYS. The 3D-structure...

Authors: Min Song

Abstract: Based on an presented adaptive-surface elastic-plastic asperity contact model which can greatly decrease contact computing time and keep...

Authors: Pai Shan Pa

Abstract: This research presents a new modus of electrochemical finishing as a finish process using an effective design of forming sheet electrode on...

Authors: Yu Chen, Zhi Jian Pei, Clyde Treadwell

Abstract: This paper reports two investigations on the edge chipping in rotary ultrasonic machining using finite element analysis (FEA). The first...

Authors: Lin Wang, Tai Chiu Lee, Luen Chow Chan

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of strain rate has been considered in the simulation of forming process with a simple form combined into the...

Authors: Chi Ping Lai, Luen Chow Chan, Chi Loong Chow

Abstract: This paper aims to study the effect of stress relieving on Limit Dome Height (LDH) of Ti-TWBs at elevated temperatures. This is achieved by...

Authors: Chi Ho Cheng, Luen Chow Chan

Abstract: Strong interest in producing ultra-light-weight, high corrosion-resistant, heat-proof and tougher advanced products has prompted potential...

Authors: Joseph W.K. Chan

Abstract: This paper presents a decision model that applies the Superiority and Inferiority Ranking (SIR) method in identifying the best material...

Authors: Chi Fai Cheung, Wing Bun Lee, Suet To

Abstract: This paper presents a multi-spectrum analysis method for the characterization of the surface generation in single-point turning of brittle...


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