Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology II

Volumes 532-533

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Sheng Chai, Quan Bin Wang, Yu Lan Zhou, Bin Zhu

Abstract: By analyzing the trend of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), the concept of RMES (Reconfigurable Manufacturing Execution Systems) is...

Authors: Shui Li Yang, Wei Ping Huang

Abstract: Through the comparative analysis, the features of the mass customization assembly line are obtained. The corresponding genetic algorithm is...

Authors: Jian Jun Jiang, Jun Biao Wang, Cheng Yu Jiang

Abstract: This paper constructs the organization model of manufacture information resource (MIR) using the granularity structure (GS) analysis...

Authors: Hong An Yang, Ya Ping Xu, Shu Dong Sun, Jian Jun Yu

Abstract: The job shop scheduling problem is an NP-hard problem and conveniently formulated as Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP). Research in CSP...

Authors: Ya Luo Yang, Run Xiao Wang, Xiang Chen Ku, Wei Huang

Abstract: In this paper, a new pattern of software design was put forward by the research of traditional design pattern, which is based on...

Authors: K.L. Choy, Stephen W.K. Ng

Abstract: Logistics information system (LIS) is becoming important as it provides efficient and effective logistics management that aims to reduce...

Authors: Ka Fu Chu, Chi Fai Cheung

Abstract: Effective inventory management strategies and their efficient implementation are recognized as important elements in a manufacturer’s...

Authors: Zhou Yang Li, Xi Tian Tian, Guo Ding Chen

Abstract: To solve the problems of product data exchange and sharing between CAD, CAPP, CAM and CNC systems, a CAD/CAPP/CAM/CNC integrated system...

Authors: Ya Dong Fang, Wei Ping He, Lai Hong Du, Jin Liang Chen, Feng Zhao, Guang Feng Zhang

Abstract: According to requirement of cooperative manufacturing partner selection based on networked manufacturing environment, the paper resolves...

Authors: Ri Liang Liu, Cheng Rui Zhang, A. Nassehi, S.T. Newman

Abstract: To comply with STEP-NC (ISO 14649), a new paradigm for NC programming, many computer systems involved in NC manufacture are required to...


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