Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology II

Volumes 532-533

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Jie Liu, Ning Mei, Jun Zhe Tan

Abstract: A web based remote monitor & control system for grinding process is presented. In this system, OPC/Socket drive technology, CAN bus...

Authors: Yan Li He, Wei Ping He, Hai Cheng Yang, Ying Zhang, Kai Zhao

Abstract: Agent technology is widely employed to construct dynamic, distributed collaborative manufacturing systems in which the individual...

Authors: Xi Feng Fang, Liang Cai Zhao, Shi Jie Su

Abstract: Complicated product lifecycle information including design and manufacturing, operation and maintenance as well as relative supply...

Authors: Jia You, Fei Liu, Jun Wang, Yu Chuan Song, Chao Yin

Abstract: How to effectively and efficiently integrate regional networked manufacturing systems is very important, and essential for speeding up...

Authors: Yan Fei Liang, Han Wu He, De Tao Zheng, Xin Chen

Abstract: This paper established the framework of the decision-making model system for autonomous vehicles. Based on virtual reality environment...

Authors: Xiao Feng Zhang, Hong Jun Xu, Yu Can Fu

Abstract: Measurement of the grinding wheel topography and its change in machining process is important for revealing the grinding principle of...

Authors: Neng Wan, Rong Mo, Zhi Yong Chang

Abstract: A new model description was proposed which is divided into heavy and light model for reducing the pressure of the network transfer which is...

Authors: Yu Quan Chen, Zhen Jia Li, Deng Hui Zhu, Zhen Bo Wang, Jin Xing Guo

Abstract: This paper is focused on using the method of computer technology combined with the knowledge of experts to determine heavy-duty cutting...

Authors: Cong Da Lu, Zhi Ping Liao, Shao Fei Jiang, Gao Jin Liu

Abstract: This paper presents an innovative product design system based on Quality Function Development (QFD) and Theory of Inventive Problem Solving...

Authors: Chang Biao Huang, Kai Yong Jiang, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: In this paper COM+ based on Microsoft .NET is adopted to realize a Distributed Collaborative System (DCS). This system adopts a complex...


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