Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology II

Volumes 532-533

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Jun Cao, Fei Liu, Cong Bo Li, Chun Liu

Abstract: Materials have very important influence on the environmental impact of the product life cycle from production to disposal and recycling....

Authors: Tao Li, Run Xiao Wang, Li Jun Song, Zhi Qing Luo

Abstract: According to idea of lean production, in order to shorten production preparation time, production preparation package is brought forward....

Authors: Hui Hu, Guang Yu Zhu, Jin Sheng Shen

Abstract: The paper concentrates on the issue of coordination and combined optimization of supply chains. All the member has its own interests, so...

Authors: Shi Hong Lu, Jing Wang

Abstract: Two-axle rotary shaping is one of advanced sheet metal forming process that combined stamping ascendant used elastic medium with...

Authors: Qian Jian Guo, Jian Guo Yang, Xiao Ni Qi, Xiu Shan Wang

Abstract: Aimed at the requirement of a project, a man-machine cooperation(MMC) manipulator was designed based on its system structure and...

Authors: Bing Zheng, Yi Xiong Feng, Jian Rong Tan, Jun Hua Che

Abstract: While logistics services have become a significant source of competitive differentiation between firms, significant challenges exist...

Authors: Shu Bin Si, Shu Dong Sun, Pei Yong Hou, Jian Jun Yu

Abstract: Manufacture cell scheduling (MCS) is a NP-hard problem, and the traditional optimization methods have their limitations when dealing with...

Authors: Jian Jun Yu, Shu Dong Sun, Shu Bin Si, Hong An Yang, Xiu Li Wu

Abstract: Aviation manufacture cell scheduling is generally multi-constraint and multi-objective flexible job-shop scheduling, and is more...

Authors: Xiao Yong Wu, Yu Hua Ni, Ying Kai Sun, Hui He

Abstract: In the process of global economy development and competition, how to strengthen the cooperation of enterprises in the supply chain...

Authors: Bin Zhu, Zhan Wang, Hai Cheng Yang, Hong Li

Abstract: Mass customization (MC) is an emergent concept in industry intended to provide customized products through flexible processes in high...


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