Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology II

Volumes 532-533

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Yong Li, Chang Hou Lu, Jian Mei Li

Abstract: To improve the edge detecting effect of the pressed character, a novel method based on facet model and topographic structures is proposed....

Authors: Yiu Pong Chan, Chak Yin Tang, Brian W. Darvell, Chi Pong Tsui

Abstract: The effect of filler shape and volume fraction on the micromechanical damage behavior of particulate-reinforced dental composites was...

Authors: Feng Xu, Dun Wen Zuo, Wen Zhuang Lu, Sheng Li Song, Min Wang

Abstract: Nanocrystalline diamond film is an excellent material for high-tech fields because of its excellent properties. In this paper, research was...

Authors: Xiu Li Fu, Xing Ai, Song Zhang, Yi Wan

Abstract: Accurately material constitutive model is essential to understand and predict machining process. High temperature split Hopkinson pressure...

Authors: Xian Feng Wang, Hong Ya Fu, Zhen Yu Han

Abstract: The theory of composite material patch winding is proposed to determine the winding trajectory by a meshed data model. The bridge condition...

Authors: Gui Wen Kang, Fei Hu Zhang

Abstract: Magnetorheological finishing (MRF) is a novel precision optical machining technology. MRF utilizes magnetic particles, nonmagnetic...

Authors: Ling Feng Zhang, Yong Kang Zhang, Ai Xin Feng

Abstract: The laser shocking to the Al2O3 ceramics was proceeded, and the fracture microphology that formed from the strong laser shock processing...

Authors: Zhi Chao Sun, He Yang, Lan Yun Li

Abstract: Guide rolls play an important role in controlling both the ring circularity and the stability of cold ring rolling process. However, it is...

Authors: Jia Bin Lu, Juan Yu, Qiu Sheng Yan, Wei Qiang Gao, Liang Chi Zhang

Abstract: Based on the magnetorheological (MR) effect of abrasive slurry, this paper presents an innovative superfine machining method. In this...

Authors: Mei Zhan, He Yang, Jin Hui Zhang, Yin Li Xu, Fei Ma

Abstract: Cone spinning is an advanced but complex metal forming process under coupled effects of multi-factors. Understanding the deformation...


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