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Authors: Feng Qi Han, Guang Jun Li, Xiang Sheng Pang, Zhi Zun Li, De Yuan Zhang
Abstract:Stepping tapping is a new tapping mode for Nickel-based superalloy GH4169. Longer life of tap and higher machining efficiency can be...
Authors: Xin Wei, Hui Yuan, Rui Wei Huang, Shao Hui Lai
Abstract:In this paper, the wear behavior of the ID (inner diameter) saw blade in the cutting process of silicon ingot was observed with SEM. Its...
Authors: Yong Zhi Cao, Shen Dong, Ying Chun Liang, Tao Sun
Abstract:As a “bottom-up” approach to nanostructures for nanofabrication, self-assembled block copolymer thin films have received much attention not...
Authors: Chun Xiang Ma, Eiji Shamoto, Li Ming Xu, Nan Liu, T. Moriwaki
Abstract:The influence of the ultrasonic vibrated diamond tool on the transition of ductile cutting to brittle cutting of the glasses is investigated...
Authors: Li Qing Li, Zhen Long Wang, Yong Feng Guo, Ji Cheng Bai
Abstract:Electrode materials are important factors affecting machining performances (MP) of electrical discharge machining (EDM). Experiments using...
Authors: Yong Ji, Hirohisa Narita, Lian Yi Chen, Hideo Fujimoto
Abstract:As environmental problems have become more serious, a sustainable society is necessary. To realize the inverse manufacturing system the...
Authors: Cheng Yu Jiang, Yang He, Wei Zheng Yuan
Abstract:Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) has been regarded as one of the most promising technologies for the 21st Century. Recently, some...
Authors: Xieeryazidan Adayi, Jin Jin Zhou, Gui Bing Pang, Wen Ji Xu
Abstract:This contribution aims at the mechanism of electrochemical mechanical finishing (ECMF). The change in surface micro-profile of workpiece and...
Authors: Jin Xie, Wei Wei Xu
Abstract:An arc envelope grinding method for non-axisymmetric aspheric surface was proposed in order to achieve the mould core used for the precision...
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