Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Soo Kim, Dae Su Lee, Eon Cheol Park, Soon Jong Jeong, In Sung Kim, Jae Sung Song

Abstract: Recently alkali oxide materials, such as sodium - potassium niobate have drawn much attention due to their ultrasonic applicability and are...

Authors: Celine Pascal, Jean Marc Chaix, A. Dutt, Sabine Lay, Colette H. Allibert

Abstract: A steel/cemented carbide couple is selected to generate a tough/hard two layers material. The sintering temperature and composition are...

Authors: Eugene Olevsky, Xuan Wang

Abstract: Two approaches for the fabrication of tailored powder composites with specially distributed pore-grain structure and chemical composition...

Authors: James Sears, Aaron Costello

Abstract: Most materials produced today are monolithic structures that are heat treated to perform a particular function. Laser Powder Deposition...

Authors: Noboru Shikatani, Tatsuya Misawa, Yasunori Ohtsu, Hiroharu Fujita, Yuji Kawakami, Takashi Enjoji

Abstract: Thermoelectric elements using environment-friendly materials with high thermoelectric conversion efficiency and of these thermoelectric...

Authors: Radu L. Orban, Mariana Lucaci, Mario Rosso, Marco Actis Grande

Abstract: The behavior of stoichiometric and near-stoichiometric NiAl at plasma spray deposition, without and with a bond coat, for coating layers...

Authors: Xue Quan Liu, Wei Ren, Wei Han, Xiao Lin Wang

Abstract: Bismuth telluride material was fabricated using hot extrusion. The crystal structure was identified by X-ray diffraction and Scanning...

Authors: Tatsuhiko Aizawa, Ren Bo Song, Atsushi Yamamoto

Abstract: Fundamental studies on the thermoelectricity have been mainly done in the pseudo binary systems of Mg2Si – Mg2Ge – Mg2Sn. In recent years,...

Authors: Kwan Ho Park, Jung Il Lee, Soon Chul Ur, Il Ho Kim

Abstract: The encapsulated induction melting and hot pressing were employed to prepare the Fedoped CoSb3 skutterudites and their thermoelectric...

Authors: Mi Jung Kim, Jung Il Lee, Soon Chul Ur, Il Ho Kim

Abstract: Ni-doped CoSb3 was prepared by the encapsulated induction melting and hot pressing, and its doping effects on the thermoelectric properties...


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