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Authors: Svetlana G. Protasova, Olga A. Kogtenkova, Boris B. Straumal
Abstract:The temperature dependence of the energy of various facets of twin GBs has been measured. For the investigation of GB faceting the Al...
Authors: Naoya Shibata, Fumiyasu Oba, Takahisa Yamamoto, Yuichi Ikuhara
Abstract:In this paper, we characterized atomic structure of a Σ = 3, [110]/{112} grain boundary in a yttria-stabilized cubic zirconia bicrystal....
Authors: Lan Sun, Cheng Chang Jia, Min Xian, Rui Jun Cao
Abstract:In order to control WC grain size and get a microstructure with fine grain size during the sintering process, WC grain growth in WC-Co...
Authors: Shigeru Suzuki, M. Tanino
Abstract:The influence of addition of small amounts of boron and nitrogen on the microstructure formed by austenite decomposition in low-alloyed...
Authors: L.V. Tho, K.E. Lee, Cheol Gi Kim, Chong Oh Kim, W.S. Cho
Abstract:Nanocrystalline CoFeHfO thin films have been fabricated by RF sputtering method. Co52Fe23Hf10O15 thin film is observed, exhibit good...
Authors: E. Tochigi, A. Nakamura, Naoya Shibata, Takahisa Yamamoto, K.P.D. Lagerlöf, Yuichi Ikuhara
Abstract:Dislocation structure of 10º low-angle tilt grain boundary in α-Al2O3 has been observed by high-resolution electron microscopy (HRTEM). It...
Authors: Rizwan Wahab, S.G. Ansari, M.A. Dar, Young Soon Kim, Hyung Shik Shin
Abstract:Cubic shaped Magnesium oxide nanoparticles were successfully synthesized by sol-gel method using magnesium nitrate and sodium hydroxide at...
Authors: Myrjam Winning
Abstract:It is shown that an externally applied mechanical stress field can change the kinetics of individual grain boundaries. Moreover, such...
Authors: Y. Yamanaka, T. Taniuchi, F. Shirase, T. Tanase, Yuichi Ikuhara, Takahisa Yamamoto
Abstract:The WC/Co interface structures in WC-Co alloys doped with VC, Cr3C2 or ZrC were examined by high-resolution electron microscopy (HRTEM) and...
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