Recrystallization and Grain Growth III

Volumes 558-559

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Roland E. Logé, M. Bernacki, H. Resk, H. Digonnet, T. Coupez

Abstract: The development of a digital material framework is presented, allowing to build virtual microstructures in agreement with experimental...

Authors: Hai Wen Luo, Lian Zi An, Hong Wei Ni

Abstract: The classical JMAK equation was modified by combination with distribution density of the rate parameter k, which was deduced from a normal...

Authors: Kaneharu Okuda, Hiromi Yoshida, Yasunobu Nagataki, Yasushi Tanaka, Anthony D. Rollett

Abstract: The competitive behaviors between recrystallization and transformation during annealing in dual phase high-strength steels are studied both...

Authors: Krystian Piękoś, Jacek Tarasiuk, Krzysztof Wierzbanowski, Brigitte Bacroix

Abstract: The generalized deterministic vertex model was successfully used to study the recrystallization process and the corresponding results were...

Authors: Krystian Piękoś, Jacek Tarasiuk, Krzysztof Wierzbanowski, Brigitte Bacroix

Abstract: Classical vertex model till now described only the grain growth stage and not the primary recrystallization. In the present work the vertex...

Authors: Grzegorz Sawina, Francois Gerspach, Nathalie Bozzolo, Krzystof Sztwiertnia, Anthony D. Rollett, Francis Wagner

Abstract: A 2D cellular automaton model developed for the simulation of grain growth in hexagonal metals is presented here. It allows the direct use...

Authors: C. Schäfer, Günter Gottstein

Abstract: A refined view of particle stimulated nucleation of recrystallization is presented, which utilizes a combination of advanced modeling...

Authors: Philippe Schaffnit, Markus Apel, Ingo Steinbach

Abstract: The kinetics and topology of ideal grain growth were simulated using the phase-field model. Large scale phase-field simulations were...

Authors: Peter Streitenberger, Dana Zöllner

Abstract: Based on topological considerations and results of Monte Carlo Potts model simulations of three-dimensional normal grain growth it is shown...

Authors: Yoshihiro Suwa, Yoshiyuki Saito, Hidehiro Onodera

Abstract: The effects of second-phase particles on the recrystallization kinetics in two-dimensional polycrystalline structures were investigated....


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